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eYc TGP03/THP03 Multifunction CO2/PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Model : eYc TGP03THP03

eYc TGP03, PM2.5 multifunction 4-in-1 air quality monitor, which is specially used to monitor 4 kinds of physical quantities as PM2.5, CO2 (carbon dioxide), temperature and humidity. There are 3 types of excellent sensors in this monitor ...

eYc GS23 CO2 Transmitter / Indoor type

Model : eYc GS23

● Optional LCD display ● Measuring carbon dioxide ● 1 analog output or Modbus RS-485 ● Optional analog output + RS-485 ● Quick easy installation and maintenance due to well designed ● Cost-efficient and reliable ● Data can be logged and ...

eYc GM33/GM34 CO Transmitter Wall / Duct Type

Model : eYc GM33GM34

● Wall / Duct type ● Output:0 ... 20 mA;4 ... 20 mA;0 ... 1 V;0 ... 5 V;0 ... 10 V;1 ... 5 V;RS-485;RS-485 & Analog ● Working range:0 ... 500 PPM ● Power supply:AC 12 ... 30 V or DC 8 ... 35 V ● Option:M12x1 ...

eYc GS43/44 CO2 Transmitter Indoor / Duct Type

Model : eYc-GS43GS44

● Accurate and excellent long-term life cycle ● Measuring up to 10000 PPM ● Voltage or current output and optional RS-485, and display ● Free software configuration More potential product articles, welcome to visit the link below

eYc Particle Counter

Model : eYc Particle Counter

Long-acting, compact type and high resolution for multi-particle size for IOT application Install is unlimited by locations, widely applied in production line Real-time monitoring of portable devices and collect data ...

eYc Ozone Analyzer

Model : eYc Ozone Analyzer

UV-D photometric method determination of ozone concentration, traceable to NIST international standards Wide measuring range / Dynamic full-range measurement mode Quickly switch between measuring range and ...

eYc THG03 CO2 Temp. & Humidity Transmitter(Indoor)

Model : eYc THG03

● Integrated 3 sensors in 1 device with optional LCD display ● Measuring temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide ● 2 analog outputs or Modbus RS-485 ● Optional analog output + RS-485 ● Quick easy installation and maintenance due to well ...

eYc Formaldehyde Detector

Model : eYc Formaldehyde Detector

Formaldehyde analyzer can measure indoor formaldehyde gas, when over the limit value, the buzzer will be warned when detection. Recorded data can be transmitted to the pad or computer, with concentration, temperature compensation ...

eYc GS07 CO2 Transmitter

Model : eYc GS07

Using patented state-of-the-art non-dispersive infrared(NDIR)wave-guide technology and offers reliable measurements Comply to EMC directive 2014 / 30 / EU CO2 Measuring range:0 … 2,000 / 0 … 5,000 / 0 … 20,000(PPM) (Max.:50,000 ...

eYc GS45 High-concentration CO2 Transmitter

Model : eYc GS45

eYc GS45 is a non-dispersive infra-red(NDIR)CO2 sensor module designed specifically for incubator application. With pigtail wire connections, the GS45 comes with internal and external mounting options. The sensor module is powered with DC 12 V ...

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