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eYc FTS34/35 Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTS34FTS35

● Linear calibration function ● Switch for physical quantity:[m/s], [ft/s], [km/h], [mph], [knot] ● Option  RS-485 Communication Interface, Modbus RTU protocol ● Configuration measuring rage, analog output, station number by dip switch ...

eYc PHM33 Industrial Grade Differential Pressure Transmitter

Model : eYc PHM33

● Option RS-485 communication interface, Modbus RTU protocol ● Physical switch:mbar / Pa / hPa / kPa / mmH2O / mmWS / inH2O / mmHg ● Square root function The eYc PHM33 differential pressure transmitter is designed on the MEMS hot ...

eYc PMD33 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Model : eYc PMD33

● Silicon chips on Differential Pressure Module of MEMS integration technology ● Off set function by bottom / UI software ● Low-pressure monitoring, high pressure bearable ● Option RS-485 communication interface, Modbus RTU protocol ● DIP ...

eYc FTM84/85 Industrial Grade High Accuracy Thermo Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTM84FTM85

IP rating:IP67, rugged aluminum case, fit in variety harsh environment Capable of temperature compensation Linear calibration air velocity by computer, analog output or RS-485(Optional) High-speed, high-accuracy ...

eYc THS07 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter for Probe Type

Model : eYc THS07

● Compact design and easy to install ● An economical choice, high C/P ratio ● Industrial class sensor comes with high accuracy and long-term stability

eYc SD03 Industrial Grade Integrated Indicator Transmitter Series

Model : eYc SD03

Industrial-grade Metal Meter/Anti-interference Design/Multiple Input Type .Multiple input types:     Temperature, Pressure, Differential Pressure, Flow, etc. .2-wire loop design .Anti-interference design .Protection rating : IP ...

eYc SD06-T Industrial Grade Integrated Indicator Temperature Transmitter

Model : eYc SD06-T

High-performance Integrated Indicator Transmitter with Anti-interference Design .2-wire loop design .Anti-interference design .Protection rating : IP67 .Suitable for industrial environments .5-digit backlight display .Button layout ...

eYc RTD/TC Series

Model : eYc RTD/TC series

Product introduction Thermocouple (T/C):A thermocouple consists of two wires, each made of a different metal material, and welded together at the ends. When this welding point (Measurement connection point) is heated, a thermal current ...

eYc THS17 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter (Digital / Analog)

Model : eYc THS17

eYc THS17, Digital Temperature & Humidity Transmitter, which is probe type to monitor temperature and humidity【2 in 1】, provides plastic or metal case.  Embedded semiconductor MEMS sensor that is the reason of THS17 has ...

eYc FTS07 Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter

Model : eYc FTS07

Probe type 10 m/s;20 m/s DC 0 ... 10 V 2-meter cable Highly stability and repeatability Smaller tolerance in setting angle An economical choice, high C / P ratio

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