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eYc SD05 Integrated Signal Indicator

Model : eYc SD05

SD05: 330° turnable, the direction of panel is changeable, good monitoring angle without blind corner Display : On-site display / 4 ... 20 mA / 0 ... 10V Programmable, display value can be set according to sensor's ...

eYc MDA-8001 USB to RS-485 Converter

Model : eYc-MDA-8001

● Automatic RS-485 Direction Control ● No External Power Supply required、Fully Compliant with the USB 1.1/2.0(High Speed) ● DC 3000 V Isolation Protection on the RS-485 side、ESD Protection for the RS-485 & USB Data Line ● Driver ...

eYc DPMF-M9 Flow Meter Totalizer/Controller

Model : eYc DPMF-M9

Full range of automatic temperature and pressure compensation calculation, compensation mode can be set arbitrarily. Linear calculation, square root calculation arbitrary setting. Instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, temperature, ...

eYc YD400/600/700/800/900 PID Process Controller

Model : eYc YD400YD600YD700YD800YD900

● LED ● Size:4 kinds ● Dispaly:-1999∼9999 ● Input:Thermocouple/resistance bulb/Voltage/Current ● Output:Relay/SSR/analog signal/RS485

eYc DPME02 Industrial Online Conductivity / Resistance Controller

Model : eYc DPME02

AC 220 V and DC 24 V double power supply Enhance security protection IP65 protection level Language diversity. Factory standard is Chinese interface and can switch English interface Temperature compensation diversity. ...

eYc DST01 Universal Isolating Signal Converter / Splitter

Model : eYc DST01

Signal isolation:Power supply;Analog input 3 groups of analog output 1 set RS-485 output Multiple input signals LED display working status Easy button operation DIN rail installation, high safety & ...

eYc SD03 Industrial Grade Integrated Indicator Transmitter Series

Model : eYc SD03

Industrial-grade Metal Meter/Anti-interference Design/Multiple Input Type .Multiple input types:     Temperature, Pressure, Differential Pressure, Flow, etc. .2-wire loop design .Anti-interference design .Protection rating : IP ...

eYc SD06-T Industrial Grade Integrated Indicator Temperature Transmitter

Model : eYc SD06-T

High-performance Integrated Indicator Transmitter with Anti-interference Design .2-wire loop design .Anti-interference design .Protection rating : IP67 .Suitable for industrial environments .5-digit backlight display .Button layout ...

eYc DPT02 Signal Converter

Model : eYc DPT02

Local display, easy keypad programming the signal output and scale, led for working status. ● Measuring input type:DC Current / DC Voltage  ● More output type:Analog output / RS-485 / Relay / 2 Channel output  ● 20-Point linear ...

eYc DPM02 Multifunction Signal Display Monitor

Model : eYc DPM02

● Measuring input type : DC current / DC voltage ● More output type:Analog output / Relay / RS-485 ● Extraction of square root(Input : voltage, current) ● Option RS-485 communication function can do 10-point linear calibration function ● Signal ...

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