Zener Diodes
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Golden Member : Zener Diode Manufacturers & Suppliers

Won-Top Electronics Co., Ltd.

Won-Top Electronics is committed to being the leading supplier of discrete semiconductors to the automotive, computer, telecommunications, and consumer markets. By providing a broad range of discrete products with unparalleled services, we will maintain our leadership in growth and profitability, thereby providing increased value for our customers. We are committed to operating worldwide in a manner which respects and protects the environment, health and safety of our employees and that of the citizens of the ...

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Eris Technology Corp. is an ODM (original design manufacturer) providing a variety of supports for the design, manufacture and after-sales services of Diodes. Our business scope includes Schottky Diodes, TV Diodes, Zener Diodes, Bridge Diodes, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


High Accuracy NTC Thermistors, Diodes, Rectifiers, Transistors, Power Mosfets, Inductors, PPTC Resettable Fuses, Fuses, Magnets, Zener Diodes, TVS/ESD Diodes, Switching Diodes, Schottky Diodes, Schottky Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers

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About Us: We are a global provider in LED lighting, Data communication, and Photovoltaic industry delivering innovative products, services, and solutions. With over 25 years of experiences in LED, semiconductor, Optical Fiber devices, pressure sensors, infrared thermal detectors, VCSEL and various process experience on our management team, we bring fast and ...

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Wuxi Xuyang Electronic Co., Ltd.

As a specialized manufacturer of diodes, we are fully equipped with automatic production lines including assembly, welding, testing and packing machinery. Our critical materials are imported from the USA and Japan to ensure top quality, so our products sell well in worldwide markets. Our main products are diac, sidac, schottky, switching, zener and rectifiers series of ...

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Shenzhen AG Electronic Co., Ltd.


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Primary member : Zener Diode Suppliers & Manufacturers

Palette Innovation Corporation

electronic & electrical components- small signal transistors, power transistors, integrated circuits, zener diodes, fast recovery diodes, regulator IC.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Cheng Yi Electronic Co., Ltd.

electronic ( electric, electrical) parts & components- rectifier, rectifiers, bridge, bridges, fast recovery ( recoveries, recover) rectifier, fast recovery rectifiers, glass rectifier, bridge rectifier, laser diodes, surface mount rectifiers, SMD rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, silicon bridges, generant purpose rectifiers, silicon bridge rectifiers, single phases, schottky ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Wei Min Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electronic test equipments, LED testers, diode tester, LED tester to-220 diode testers, to-3p diode testers, bridge testers, laser diode testers, receiver module testers, delta VF & TRR testers, TVS testers, zener diode testers, 1n4148 testers, SCHOTTKY surge testers, photo diode & photo transistor testers, high voltage diode testers, high power testers, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Diodes Inc.

semiconductor components including schottky diodes/ rectifiers, super- fast/ ultra- fast recovery rectifiers, standard recovery rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, switching diodes, zener diodes.

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Unix Tech Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers of NTC thermistor,PPTC Resettable fuse, NTC temperature sensor, Humidity sensor ,Chip Switching Doides, Chip Zener Diodes, Thermal Cutoffs,  SMD Chip NTC Thermistor , SMD Chip Varistor etc.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Jyharn Electronic Tech. Co., Ltd.

Jyharn Electronic Tech. Co., Ltd was founded in 1992 withthe role of a professional agent, and specializes in salesof electronic components with the dealership of serveralwell-known companies: LITEON, DIODES, GMT etc..To provide our clients with the best services based onyears of experience in production and marketing as well asprofessional knowledge on electronics, we ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


Semiconductors; Transistor; Zener Diodes; Display Devices;Capacitors

    Taiwan Taiwan

Gid Gloria International Dev. Co., Ltd.

Varistor & chip capacitor, High voltage chip cap, & alum, elec, cap, temp: 105C, Tant, cap dip & mono ceramic cap radial & axial ceramicdisc cap,, Film capacitor & polyester film cap, & metalizedpolyester cap, & metalized polyester cap, miniature &polypropylene film cap, & metalized polypropylene cap,, Diode & bridge rectigiers & zener diodes, All kinds of resistor,, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


Diodes, Schottky rectifier, Bridge rectifier, LDO regulator, Switching regulator, Zener diode, TVS, amplifier, comparator, analogue IC, Mosfet and Transistor,

    Taiwan Taiwan

Chia Shin Technology

telephone line security monitring control systems including PSTN( public switching telephone system), SMW( security monitoring workstation), SMC( security monitoring client), RCU( remote controller units), video conferencing& internet application products.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Pan Jit International Inc.

electronic components- protection devices, small signal devices, zener diodes, schottky bridge rectifiers, general purpose rectifiers, small signal switching diodes and shottky diodes.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Bytesonic Electronics Co., Ltd.

electronic components & parts- diodes, silicone rectifiers, transient voltage suppressors, bridge rectifiers, glass passivated rectifiers, surface mount rectifiers, high efficiency rectifiers, SMA, SMB, SMC, SMD, GPP, Schottky barrier rectifiers, switching diodes, zener diodes.

    Taiwan Taiwan


Neodymium (NdFeB) Magnets, Diodes, Rectifiers, TVS/ESD, Transistors, Power Mosfets, Voltage Regulators, Optical Transceivers

    Taiwan Taiwan


Automotive Diodes Bridge Rectifiers Small Signal Diodes Power Rectifiers Protection Devices

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