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Golden Member : Semiconductors Manufacturers & Suppliers

Gillson Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Our firm Gillson can offer you wide range of stainless steel fitting and relative components, likewise ISO-KF vacuum fitting, ISO-KF vacuum components, semiconductor fitting, BPE fitting & flange (forged), sanitary fitting, sanitary clamp, sanitary hex or round hanger as well as instrumentation mini ball valves, sanitary valves, industry valves, industry fitting, valve ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Shenzhen J&D Packing Machinery Co., Ltd

J&D supplies series of water packaging and treatment systems such as (1) bottle filling machines, bottle washing filling & capping machines, bottle blowing, sealing & shrinking packagers. (2)cosmetic & desktop water & wine coolers, keg, bottle and can making machines. (3) RO water system, water purifications, water filters. (4) GE water dispenser, kitchen aid hot water ...

    China China

Won-Top Electronics Co., Ltd.

Won-Top Electronics is committed to being the leading supplier of discrete semiconductors to the automotive, computer, telecommunications, and consumer markets. By providing a broad range of discrete products with unparalleled services, we will maintain our leadership in growth and profitability, thereby providing increased value for our customers. We are committed to operating worldwide in a manner which respects and protects the environment, health and safety of our employees and that of the citizens of the ...

  • Taiwan Taiwan

E&R Engineering corp.

Laser Solution​ Plasma Technology ​ FPC Equipment​ Carrier Tape​

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Dyfenco International Co., Ltd.

Solder Electronic Grade Chemical SMT Adhesives Solder Preforms

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Filtrafine Corporation

Filter Cartridge Filter Bag Filter Housings UV System Industries

  • United States United States

Jia Cheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of gearboxes reducer, 90 degree reducer, servo gearboxes reducer, precision gear reducers, professional reducers, planetary reducers for semiconductor devices (TFT-LCD optoelectronic devices, industrial automation equipment, industrial robot equipment, and all kinds of packaging equipments), etc.

    Taiwan Taiwan

AG Film Technology Co., Ltd

We provide packaging film, package film, packaging film printing, package material, packaging materials, flexible packaging, aluminum packaging, gravure printing service, vacuum packaging and pouches, food packaging, plastic food packaging, vacuum food packaging, food wrap film, medical packaging, pharmaceutical packaging,electronic packaging materials, semiconductor ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Muybien Enterprise Co., Ltd.

We have devoted in sales and processing of Fluoropolymer products for over 25 years, including (1) Teflon industrial coating- mold for latex glove, tray for LCD, pin hole detection for plating tank, roller, reactor, needles for dispenser. (2) halar coating for stainless steel ducts for semiconductor industry- duct, fittings, hanger for PCB. (3) conveyorized oven coating- ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

China Gravure Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer of flexible packaging materials including food packing, polycello & aluminum packaging, easy peel top film & heat sealable aluminum foil, anti-static pouches, static shielding bags, vacuum poly bags, cleanroom article management bags, polyester aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil static shielding bags, chemical packaging, polycellonium for pharmaceutics, blister ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Longine Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

1. Micro Parts(Components). 2. Leader-Screw. 3. Worm Shaft. 4. Medical-Related Components. 5. Motor Parts. 6. Long Shaft.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Yee Shiuann Enterprise Co., Ltd.

we provide wheel caster, wheel casters, steel caster, steel casters, chair caster, platform folding hand truck, hand trucks, coffee makers, stock trolleys manufacturers, hand trolley, aluminium hand truck, shopping & platform trolleys, foldable & catering trolley, foot jacks, shock absorbers & shelf, wire shelvings, storages shelving, industrial shelves, shelving units, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Spintop Machinery Co., Ltd.

Our products including (1) rotary tables- NC rotary table, hydraulic & pneumatic index table, NC rotary indexing table, CNC rotary tables. (2) tailstock- manual tailstock, automatic tailstock, faceplate tailstock. (3) controller & display- single axis controller, pneumatic & hydraulic index table controller. (4) rotary table accessories, base plate and JIG bracket, 3-jaw ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Broadlake Co., Ltd.

We offer a wide range of aluminum parts, metal work, and stamped parts, including stamped heat sinks, housing for power resistors, handles for switching power supplies, clips, CPU heat sinks, aluminum front panels, terminals, turning parts, extruded heat sinks for DC/DC converters, chassis + covers made by NCT, fuse holders, die casting, precision machined parts and so forth.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Gumptious Technology Co., Ltd

(1) Planetary Gearhead Features--- 1、Precision: 2 – 5arc-min 2、Available reduction ratios from 1:3 to 1:1000 3、Design to use with various servomotors 4、Sealed shut design; self-lubricated and easy to install 5、High torque capacity and low inertia 6、Custom long shaft design available (2) Ball Reducer Features--- 1、Backlash free with highly precise positioning: By ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


Electronic Parts and Components- Thermistor, NTC, PTC, selecting THERMISTOR and the temperature sensing element, the non-contact temperature sensing element, the sensing element, SENSORS, lightning tubes, surge absorbers, spark eliminator, electronic circuit protection devices, micro resistance potentiometer trimmed resistor, variable resistors, integrated circuits, ICs, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Long Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial automatic equipment, such as (1) MLCC and MLCI equipment. (2) chip resistor termination machines, thick-film auto printing machineris. (3) carrier plate, inserting and pressing machines. (4) thin carrier plates- semi-auto TCP termination machines. (5) peripheral equipment of MLCC. (6) toolings- load plates, JIG plate sticks tapes, pins, steel ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


Established in 1981, Chien Wei takes “technique innovation, pursuing excellence in quality. We outstanding effort in IC-semiconductor special accessories, trimming, forming, Ultra-Precision optics, DVD Mold, 2D/3D Precise measuring instruments, JIG Grinder and machining center.

    Taiwan Taiwan


Bathroom Accessories,Houseware,Handicrafts,Kitchenware,Tableware,Gardening Accessories,Stationery,Photo Frames,Key Chains,Semiconductor,RAM,MP3

    Taiwan Taiwan

Sil-More Industrial Ltd.

SIL-MORE INDUSTRIAL LTD., founded in 1995, is specialized in the agency of electronics and chemical glue materials. Based on our professional management and business strategy, we obtain positive support and appreciation from customers, with rapid ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

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