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Tube Curing Presses ( Tube Machine Equipment)

Model : TCP-0410,TCP-1228,TCP-1016

1. Mold opening and closing by air cylinder, action automatically. 2. Electrical control system by IC plate and timer. 3. Inner pressure controlled by piston valve (made in japan). 4. Floating plate with leak-proof special design, ...

Flap Curing Presses

Model : FCP-1520

1. Flap curing type: 3 plies of suspension molds with steam curing , each curing 3pcs of flaps. 2. Opening & closing mold action with hydraulic motion, speed quickly, high efficient. 3. finished flap product take out from curing press ...

Tube Extrusion Cooling Line (Tube Machine Equipment )

Model : TEL-360, TEL-460, TEL-460-4, TEL-560

1. Flat tube section: press tube into elliptic on conveyor, it could reducing shaking when stick valve. 2. Cooling water tank section: stainless steel water tank and roller, antirust material. Get well effect of cool down tube temperature by ...

Tube Valve Cement Lins ( Tube Machine Equipment)

Model : TVC-0400

1. Conveyor in U type arrangement, reducing room occupied, 1 staff could operation, get down labor cost, increasing efficient. 2. Using infrared ceramic heater of dry conveyor which get well permeability. It make good adhesion force at rubber ...

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