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Flap Curing Presses

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Flap Curing Presses
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1. Flap curing type: 3 plies of suspension molds with steam curing , each curing 3pcs of flaps.
2. Opening & closing mold action with hydraulic motion, speed quickly, high efficient.
3. finished flap product take out from curing press easily.
4. Hydraulic power unit: including high pressure pump 1pcs , low pressure pump 1pcs, it could supply 5sets of flap curing press used.
1. Flap size: 650/15; 650/16; 700/16; 750/16; 900/20; 1000/20; 1100/20. 2. Quantity of curing: 3 PCS. 3. Open mold max range: 1,600M/M. 4. Max clamp force: 148 TONS. 5. Electric control system: relay and timer.

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