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Tube Valve Cement Lins ( Tube Machine Equipment)

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Tube Valve Cement Lins ( Tube Machine Equipment)
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1. Conveyor in U type arrangement, reducing room occupied, 1 staff could operation, get down labor cost, increasing efficient.
2. Using infrared ceramic heater of dry conveyor which get well permeability. It make good adhesion force at rubber cement to air valves.
3. Including air-blade of collection convey roller, to clear inside membrane of air valve.
4. Gap distance of rubber cement sprayer position could be adjusted, cement coating even of air valves.
5. Dry temperature auto controlled at ±1℃.
1. Model: TVC-0400. 2. Tire size: B/C ; M/C ; I/D ; T/L ; T/B. 3. Suitable air valve: straight & bent type. 4. Production capacity: 4,000 PCS/HR. 5. Rubber coating pump: self-absorbent coolant motor + frequency converter + auto recycle. 6. Conveyor transition: motor + frequency converter. 7. Horsepower: 3 HP. 8. Compressed air: 7 KG/CM2.

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