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Float Valves

Model : N/A

Float valve uses a sub-valve (floating ball switch) to control the main valve. When the water level elevates tothe full water level defined by sub-valve (floating ball switch), the sub-valve (floating ball switch) closes and back pressure inside ...

Solenoid Control Valves

Model : N/A

Solenoid control valve is a kind of isolation valve, which can substitute traditional gate valves, ball valve and butterfly valves. The gate functioning is easily controlled by electrical power. The valve can be installed in fire control ...

Back Pressure Valves

Model : N/A

1. The whole set is made by stainless steel #316, and it is suitable for the fluid of pure water, acid & alkaline fluid, vapor or air. 2. Back pressure valve can maintain required pipeline pressure and flow, and also release over high ...

Pressure Relief Valves

Model : N/A

1. Pressure relief valve is installed on the outlet pipe of water supply pipeline. It can maintain safe water supply pressure inside the pipe and prevent pipeline and equipment damage caused by accidental escalation in water pressure. 2. When ...

Direct Activated Pressure Reducing Valves


1. Valve Body is made by Stainless Steel #316, suitable for fluid, Air and Vapor. 2. The gate is designed for opening status, which will not influence the water supply function under unstable inlet pressure condition. 3. When the outlet ...

Direct Activated Pressure Reducing Valves


The gate adopts NO design, hence water supply will not be affected due to instability in inlet pressure. The internal pressure control chamber adopts design, hence the function and life-time will not be affected by water impurity. Besides, there ...

Ball Control Valves

Model : N/A

1. MK 7 actuator is fit assembling with 2 way / 3 way ball valves. 2. Material of ball valve can be FC 20, SUS 304, or SUS 316. 3. Acting of ball 7 seconds from close position to open position. 4. Pressure range from 0to 10 kg*f cm2.

Angle Valve Water Hammer Arresters

Model : ATX-15/ 20

This design of angle valve style water hammer arrester is special for normal resident application. The air bag is set up of the angle valve. It can match with the bathroom system and is easy to install. Its excellent result can maintain the ...

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