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Direct Activated Pressure Reducing Valves

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Direct Activated Pressure Reducing Valves
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1. Valve Body is made by Stainless Steel #316, suitable for fluid, Air and Vapor.
2. The gate is designed for opening status, which will not influence the water supply function under unstable inlet pressure condition.
3. When the outlet pressure responds directly to the pressure control chamber and adjusts the setting pressure, it responds quickly and adjusts the pressure accurately.
4. Design of piston and diaphragm improves the inability of sustaining pressure and leakage.
1. Pressure adjusting range:
 1~6kgf / cm2.
 4~10kgf / cm2.
 8~13kgf / cm2.
2. Pressure needed from fully-closed gate to full-opened gate: 1.5 kgf/cm2 (1 kgf/cm2 = 14.2 psi).
3. Applied temperature: -15℃~100℃, -15℃~200℃ (for steam).
4. Valve body testing pressure: 35kgf/cm2.
5. Maximum applied pressure: 25kgf/cm2.

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