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Widely Exported Packing Machines With Conveyer

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Widely Exported Packing Machines With Conveyer
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The machine is developed especially for mineral water, beverage, wine,beer,product and so on infusion medicine bottle combination packaging,with stable function,and the packed articles tight and orderliness.It can be handled as a single pushing machine when high speed demanded.

1, Applying imported PLC procedure automatic control,stable performance,and accurate control.
2, Enjoying full-automatic function of feeding,tube management, shrinkage,and cooling shape-fixing flow.
3, Film transportation is adopted with sensor switch control,adjustable deliver film length, and can reduce wastage.
Elector montor is adopted with imported transducer to control, realizing unlimited speed regulating.
4, Advanced cooling shape-fixing channel to ensure packaging products shape quickly and convenient storage and transportation.

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