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Packaging Machines
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Imported PLC program control, stable performance and accurate control. With automatic transmission feeding, bottle handling, shrinkage and cooling processes fully automated features. Film transport control with sensor switch can control the length of sending films to reduce the loss. Conveyor motor adopts imported frequency control, free of class scheduling. Advanced wind circulation spiral structure, three insulating layer processing, saving energy. Enhanced cooling channel shape can quickly use the product shape, easy storage and transportation.
Main technical parameters:

1. Model size: L5050 x W920 x H2100 mm.

2. Packing size: L1180 x W1080 x H2370 mm.

3. Shrink machine: L3890 x W1050 x H2040 mm.

4. Machine weight: 1t.

5. Shrink oven size: L3700 x W920 x H1750mm.

6. Largest package size: L600 x W400 x H350mm.

7. Packing speed: 5-8packet.

8. Conveyor belt width: 920 (Adjustable 200).

9. Power supply: 380V 20KW.

10. Working Mpa: 0.6-0.8Mpa.

11. Power: 18kw.

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