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Cold Drink Water Tanks And Cold Drink Units

Model : LY-2500

1. Compressor model:JZ-2F-10M. 2. Refringerant:F22. 3. Tank volume:2.5m³. 4. Vapouring area:15m². 5. Refrigerating capacity:21000 kilocalorie. 6. Water output:1500 - 2000kg/h.

Glass Bottle Washer

Model : GBW-1

1. The structure adopts the leading and reasonable designing. All the outside components are made of stainless steel, thus they are corrosion-resistant. And with automatic blowing, drifting, and washing the old trademark. Obsolete water, along ...

Bottle Overturn Sterilizers

Model : DPSJ-1

It sterilizes the caps inner wall and then stand vertical automatically, then enters shower cooling machine. It adopts improrted transmission chain, steady and reliable, no harm to bottle, stepless speed adjusting.

Syrup Chillers

Model : TL-500

1. Model: TL-500. 2. Compressor model:2F6.3-S.600. 3. Volume:0.3 / 0.5 m². 4. Evaporation area: 1.5 / 2 m². 5. Refrigerating capacity: 6000 kilocalorie.

Bottle External Washing Machines

Model : JND-100-2000B/H

100-2000B/H for both 3G and 5G bottle.

DMZ Pole Type Palletizing Machines

Model : DZM-1

The glassware palletizing series can meet the requirement for up to 12-section D.G. glassware production line. The grabbing-head or pushing-head of the palletizing machine can rotate 90°. The cardboard and empty-pallets are fed automatically. ...

CIP Equipments

Model : CIP-1

The CIP ( Clean-in-Place) equipment is used to clean at site of material pipe of the industries like milk products, juice, beverage etc. And recipient. A centrifugal pump is used in CIP to convey cleaning liquid into material pipe and equipment ...

CO2 Cleaning Units

Model : QJ-C

1. Model: QJ-C. 2. Production capacity: ≤10kg/h. 3. Working pressure: ≤0.5MPA.

Suger Melting Pots

Model : HHG-1

It is equiped with heating, mixing and cooling devices. There are two kinds of this pot, electrical or steam heating.

Syrup Coolers

Model : TL-500

The cooler is the auxiliary equipment for carbonated drink production. The compressor with refrigerant R134A is installed in this machine. The machine is safe, reliable, easy and steady in operation, and has beautiful appearance as well.

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