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PET Barrel With Handles

Model : PET-2-2.5

1. PET barrel with handle. 2. PC barrel with handle.

5G Bottle Taps And Mini Gantry

Model : 5G-B

1. Mini gantry with tap. 2. Easily use indoor or out door.

5 Gallon Bottles

Model : PC-1

Brand-new PC bottle, elegant design, decent look, PET bottle and bottles with handle are also available. Logo can be printed according to customer's requirements.

5 Gallon Caps

Model : PC-1

1. Plastic material is food-rate and FDA approved. 2. Stick label sealed the top part of cap can proof dust. 3. Exact molds make caps non-spill. 4. Security one-stick label is un-reused. 5. Embossing&printing customer's logo ...

Hot Water Tanks

Model : RG-1

Ordinary jointing hot water tank and outside heating hot water tank are both available. Made of stainless steel 304.

Bottle Racks

Model : TJ-1

The bottle rack is made of iron and sprayed with white color, looking elegant. Three-bottle rack and six-bottle rack are both available.

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