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Automatic Linear Shrink Film Packaging Machines

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Automatic Linear Shrink Film Packaging Machines
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1. Specifically for bottled drinks (purified water, drinks, fruit juice, dairy products) in design and manufacture of high-speed packaging requirements.
2. In the product delivery process forward automatically combined into a package, save time and improve efficiency.
3. Programmable logic controller (PLC) control, automated workflow.
4. Temperature-type seal cutter, surface coating Teflon, cut flat and solid.
5. Touch-screen operation, friendly interface, easy to man-machine communication and control.
6. No end of care packages may be suitable for different tracks and different combinations of bottle packaging.
7. The domestic rate of heat shrink film packaging machine in the field of the best choice models. Simple operation and easy maintenance.
1. Machine dimension: L12000 x W1000 x H2100. 2. Outer size of the host machine: L3400 x W1250 x H2350. 3. Shrink: L4000 x W1000 x H1900. 4. Machine weight: 2.5T. 5. Shrink furnace size: L2500 x W750 x H1450. 6. Maximum package size: L800 x W650 x H450. 7. Packing speed: 16-20 bag. 8. Conveyor belt width: 541mm. 9. Work power: 380V 30KW three-phase five wire. 10. Working pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa. 11. Total power: 30kw.

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