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Circulating Fan

Model : PS-200

PS-200 circulation fan- 1. new appearance design. 2. strong, medium, weak three-speed switch control. 3. can automatically adjust the amount of wind for the season. 4. The 4.90 degrees cycle Rocker provide a full range of air ...

10" Art Fan

Model : LD-1002F

* Exquisite hand-painted and metal-binding * Soft lighting to create a unique romantic home enjoy * Art classic styling, but also underscores the style of home decor * Art form, classical style * Limited production of more value to the collection

Insect Killers

Model : PS-8168

1. 5-in-1 functions (insect-catching, fan, illumination, air-refreshing, fragrance). 2. Multi-national patent awarded. 3. High-efficient to catch insects. 4. Safe, hygienic, air-refreshing & earth-friendly. 5. Automatic blackout as taking ...

16 Inch DC Fan

Model : PS-613RDC

1, DC inverter motor, energy mute. 2, three wind classes, eight stalls wind 3, 24 hours long time, two yuan digital display 4, Automatic Oscillation 5, Lock snap nets, easy disassembly

Insect Killers

Model : PS-799

Insect killer. High-efficient To Catch Insects Safe, Hygienic, Filter Easy-take-out Invisible Insect-gathering Cases

12" Desk Fans

Model : PS-312F

Desk Fan 1. 3 kinds of speed for choices. 2. Up and down 150 degree adjustment. 3. Left and right 90 degree automatic swing 4. Motor fuse safety devices.

Air Cleaning Fans With Photocatalyst Tio2 Coating UV Lamp

Model : PS-1415L/ 1015L

1. With photocatalyst TiO2 coating UV lamp. 2. Air purifying box fan. 3. Provide fresh air--Odor relief, pollution-proof, purification, germ-free. 4. Guiet, illumination. 5. Patented design with smooth and nice-looking appearance.

Box Fans

Model : PS-1066

Box fan 1. Up and down 150 degree adjustment. 2. 360 degree rotate front grill. 3. 3 kind of wind speeds choices.

Box Fans

Model : PS-1488

1. Up and down 150 degree adjustment. 2. 360 degree rotate front grill 3. 3 kind of wind speeds choices.

Nano Tio2 Air Cheaning Fans

Model : PS-3455

Nano tio2 air cleaning fan.

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