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18" Industry Fans

Model : PS-1808

1. 3 kinds of speed for choices. 2. Left and right 90 degree automatic swing 3. Motor fuse safety devices. 4. Material by metal

Industrial Stand Fans

Model : F-1821

Industrial stand fan series.

7"desk Fan

Model : PS-07/07B

1. 2in1, desktop and deskside 2. off, weak, strong speed settings 3. E class insulation motor 5. Thermal fuse 115℃ 6. Oscillation angle 0-90°

10" Halogen Heater

Model : PS-5A

1.500W 2.Left and right 70degree automatic swin. 3.Height adjusted available. 4.Safety device: Over tip and Over heat cut off 5.Safety button switch.

Quartz Heaters (R. N)

Model : PS-5305

1. Quartz heater (R. N). 2. Electric heater.

Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Model : PS-2628

•Pre-heat the water to eliminate bacteria and viruses before moisture emission • Built-in ionizer to benefit your health • 7 color night light to adjust your emotion or make your life more colorful • Easy to adjust moisture • Optional filter ...

7" Mini Desk Fan

Model : PS-718

1. Mini cute 2. off, weak, strong speed settings 3. E class insulation motor 4. Thermal fuse 115℃ 5. Oscillation angle 0-90°

Supper Mini Ultrasonic Humidifier

Model : PS-2760

·Aroma diffuser for emotion release or for special health care like asthma. ·Optional Night light for emotion release or baby care ·Advanced humidity technology for better humidity ·Advanced nano-technology to prevent the mildew in water ...

Mini 4" Usb Artistic Fan

Model : USB0011

* 100% man-made, unique, noble art decoration * Colored by drawing * Safety, certificate issued by BSMI in Taiwan * Metal structure ensures safety and stability * Environmental protection, working quietly, brushless motor * USB plug, fan ...

4" USB Mini Classic Fan

Model : USB0099

* 100% pure hand-made, unique, different * Pure hand-painted base with special coating patents fan network * The perfect combination of limited production, art and life * * Security, the only certification by the Commodity Inspection Bureau ...

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