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10" Halogen Heater

Model : PS-5A

1.500W 2.Left and right 70degree automatic swin. 3.Height adjusted available. 4.Safety device: Over tip and Over heat cut off 5.Safety button switch.

Quartz Heaters (R. N)

Model : PS-5305

1. Quartz heater (R. N). 2. Electric heater.

PTC Ceramic Wall Fan Heaters

Model : PS-2003R

1. PTC ceramic wall fan heater. 2. Electric heater.

PTC Ceramic Fan Heaters

Model : PS-9018A

1. Electric heater. 2. PTC ceramic fan heater.

Steam Fan Heaters

Model : PS-8616

1. Electric heater. 2. Steam fan heater.

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