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USB Extended Repeater Cables

Model : USB-RT1

Special features: 1. Super 5m/10m/20m repeater, double transmission. 2. Extra DC power from 2nd USB. 3. Gage 24 long cable, connect 5 or more. Outstanding perofrmance: 1. Extremely low power consumption (lowest power consumption in ...

Notebook And Laptop Keyboard Protectors

Model : NBKP-01

1. NBKP-01 Notebook / laptop keyboard protector: protects your keyboard from any dirt. 2. Features: (1) Waterproof, dustproof, wrinkleless - to protector keyboard from liquid, dust or oil and avoid damage of keyboard mechanism. You can easy ...

USB Modems

Model : NW-03

1. USB interface; Agere solution. 2. Windows plug-n-play. 3. V.92 protocol support and quick connector. 4. Upstream speed up to 480Mbps. 5. Downstream speed up to 56Kbps. 6. Support fax group 3 class 1. 7. V.80 & H.324 video ...

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