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Notebook And Laptop Keyboard Protectors

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Notebook And Laptop Keyboard Protectors
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1. NBKP-01 Notebook / laptop keyboard protector: protects your keyboard from any dirt.
2. Features:
(1) Waterproof, dustproof, wrinkleless - to protector keyboard from liquid, dust or oil and avoid damage of keyboard mechanism. You can easy fold it without any wrinkle.
(2) High flexible, stretchable, heatproof - non-change sharp, non-tear and able to use at room/high temperature environments.
(3) High transparency, smooth touch - 0.15mm super-thin can cover on keyboard perfectly without movement.
(4) Scaleable, washable - added scale paper is for cutting any regular size of keyboard (13''-15''). The unique surface treatment of back cover is able to wash and reusable.
3. Specifications:
(1) Material: high-grade tenacious silica gel.
(2) Size: 330 x 150 x 0.15mm.
(3) Colors: white / blue / pink.
(4) Package: keyboard protector1, scale paper 1 (packed by OPP bag).
4. Notice:
(1) Washing the cover with water or PH-Neutral detergent only and do not bleach.
(2) Airdry only.
(3) Attach again after airdry.
(4) Please do not over-stretch.
5. RoHS compliant.
6. Green product.
7. Made in Taiwan.
1. Material: high grade tenacious silica gel.
2. Size: 330 x 150 x 0.15mm.

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