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USB Extended Repeater Cables

Product Name :
USB Extended Repeater Cables
Model No :
Target Markets :
Factory Location :
Special features:
1. Super 5m/10m/20m repeater, double transmission.
2. Extra DC power from 2nd USB.
3. Gage 24 long cable, connect 5 or more.
Outstanding perofrmance:
1. Extremely low power consumption (lowest power consumption in comparison).
2. Most powerful transmission, Effective transmission of STD 24/26 USB 2.0 cable reach over 10 meters or longer (double than others).
3. Embedded 5V-3.3V to 1.8V LDO regulator (less power & compact size).
4. Support PID / VID customization.
5. Samples could be arranged, please contact us right now for further discussion.
Key specifications:
1. Crystal: 12MHZ.
2. 5-to-3.3V regulator: embedded.
3. Transcation translator: 1.
4. Non-periodic buffers: 6 for all DFP.
5. PID/VID customization: mask ROM/external EEPROM.
6. UFP full speed 1 DFP: 25.
7. UFP high speed 1 DFP HS active: 57.
8. OS request: WIN XP, WIN 2003, WIN 7, WIN VISTA.

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