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UNITRONIC Automation Co., Ltd.

A professional supplier of automatic equipments, auto winding machines, capacitor equipments, capacitor winders, slitters rewinders, LED test equipments, thermal press machinery, deburring machineries, automated paper masking machines, automation metal spraying machine, automatic lead wire welding machines, precision mini-type welding machines, automatic capacitor clearing ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Taida Optical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of lens drying machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, tinting machine, harding coating machine, lens curving machines, dual tank tinting machinery, linear & touch screen servo hard-coating machineries, ice water freezers, semiautomatic ultrasonic cleaning machines, heightened lens & visor drying machines, polarized lens curving machines, optical lens.

    Taiwan Taiwan

Dahyoung Vacuum Technical Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of vacuum processing equipment, including vacuum metallizer, roller coater, flexible electronics, web coater, vacuum coating machines, parts and components, batch metallizer, multi-layer vacuum coaters, roll to roll metallizer, E-bean gun, vacuum pumps and other vacuum associate products, dahyoung vacuum metallizer and DYC-BSD batch metallizer, darly ...

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Goodall Industry Co., Ltd.

we provide painting lines- powder coating equipment, powder coating equipments & machines, painting equipment, painting equipments, self running painting machines, automatic surface ( horizontal, bell) surface painting machinery, automatic electrostatic spray coating machineries, pallet type painting lines, painting conveyor systems, surface conveyor drying ovens, vertical ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Control Optics Taiwan Inc.

Manufacturer of optics components, crystals, and optics systems, products include (1) plate components- optical low pass filters, IR cut filters, cube beam splitters, windows, substrates. (2) refraction and reflection components- aspherica mirrors, reflection mirrors, fused silica integrated lenses array ( fly eye lenses), aspherical lenses, cylinder lenses, prisms. (3) ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Ruian Haoyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

silicon coating machine,conducting film coating machine,coloring coating machine,high light coating machine,laminating machine,dry laminating machine,wet laminating machine,lamination machine,laminator,coater

    China China

Shantou Xinqing Cannery Machinery Co., Ltd.

can production line,Liquid spraying coating machine,Gas drying oven,Induction drying oven,canbody welder,Outside roller coating machine,Weld seam protection system,liquid lacquer system,Canbody curing machine,can making curing system

    China China

Ningbo Junying Vacuum Machinery Co., Ltd.

Vacuum coating machine,Vacuum molding machine,High frequency welding machine,Ultrasonic welding machine,Blister packaging equipment,Metal welding equipment

    China China

Ruian Jiangnan Machinery Co., Ltd.

Slitting Machine,Flexo printing Machine,Plastic Sheet Extruder,Thermoforming Machine,coating laminating machine,type roto-coating machine

    China China

Zhaoqing Zhenhua Vacuum Machine Co., Ltd.

metalisig machine,vacuum coater,plastic vacuum metalizing machine,pvd coating machine,crystal coating machine,ceramic vacuum coating equipment,auto lamp vacuum coating machine,metal plating machine,vertical vacuum coating machine,Double door coating machine

    China China

Wuxi City Pengcheng Flocking Machinery Co., Ltd.

PTLD multifunctional coating combination machine,special coating machine,LGFRG316-W drying artificial leather machine,JDRT-L electrostatic flocking combiner,newly designed JDRU with European style open,special flocking machine,flocking combination machine,foaming machine,DS-A plastic dropping machine,three roller sizing machine

    China China

Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

Multi-Function Vacuum Coating Machine,Deorative vacuum coating machine,Motor wheel exclusive coating Machine,vacuum heating energy,PVD coating processing,Middle Frequency coating machine,Glass Coating Machine,Hardware Coating Machine,Tap Coating Machine,Phone Shell Coating Machine

    China China

Zhejiang Huier Coating Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

coating equipment,coating,coating machine,paint coating line,drying tunnel,curing oven,spray powder booth,spray booth,painting booth,recycle system

    China China


Wire Cutting Machines, Plastic Processing Machines, Metalworking Machinery/n.e.s.

    Taiwan Taiwan


Photoresist Electrodeposition Machine,ED Coating Machine,Barrel Plating Machine,Return Type Plating Machine,AirCondensation Device,Printed Circuit Board Machine

    Taiwan Taiwan


TA SANE Machine Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1974 and specialized in the whole plant coater machines in the plan design and the technical consultation. Broad research and development production drenches the Curtain Coaters, Roller coaters, Surface Dust Chip Remover, UV Curing Machine, and high performance several bit of correlations appurtenances and so on.

    Taiwan Taiwan


Paper Machines,Tissue Paper Convering Machines, Coating Machines,

    Taiwan Taiwan
    China China

Shantou Zhengyi Tin Can Machine Co., Ltd.

Based in Chaoshan Plain that is characterized by one of the five special economic zones, convenient communications, rich resources and propitious place for giving birth to great man, Shanou zhengyi tin can machine Co., Ltd. is close to Chenghai (Huxin) entrances and exits of Minyue freeway, within a forty-minute ride of Jieyang Chaoshan international airport. With an ...

    China China

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