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Linear Hard Coating Machines

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Linear Hard Coating Machines
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LINEAR HARD-COATING MACHINE equipment property: Utilizes Japanese made Dong Li brand linear head motor and Japanese precision one thousandth micro adjustment speed adjustment to make sure that after products soaked in reagents and during motor up lifting, the speed is stable and consistent without stripes and break lines. Micro computer PID automatic computation temperature control table. Dual filtration sloped tank system will speed up filtration performance.
1. Size: 800 x 760 x 1800mm (L x W x H). 2. Weight: around160KG. 3. Materials: The enclosure of the machine SUS304 stainless steel. 4. Monitor: -. 5. Voltage: single-phase 220V. 6. Operation power supply: 220V. 7. Power: 1.5KW. 8. Air discharge fan: 220V / 25KW. 9. Server motor: -. 10. Filter motor: 220V / 90W. 11. Rotary lift motor: 220V / 25W. 12. Ultrasonic server: 220V / 1200w. 13. Motor speed: -. 14. Capacity: 80~100 frame/hour.

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