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Modacrylic YARN

Model : Modacrylic YARN

Flame Retardant Yarn The Best Thermal Barrier Power No Drip, No Melt ,High LOI Modacrylic has high LOI value up to 33 and is difficult to ignite.It doesn't ...

Formo Solar Heat

Model : Formo Solar Heat

Best Thermal Solution Nature and Performance Fiber Health & Energy: Formo Solar Heat ™ stimulates blood circulation & accelerates metabolism by about ...

Flame Retardant Modacrylic Yarn

The Modacrylic Flame-Retardant yarn, made by the Modacrylic fiber from Formosa Plastics Corp., is a difficult-combustion product with outstanding self-extinguishing property. After removed from the flame source, this material will ...

Polyester Anti-pilling&Wicking / Formotex(Cotton) Blended Yarn

1. Anti-pilling.                                                                 ...

Polyester Anti-pilling&Hollow / Formotex(Cotton) Blended Yarn

1. Use the hollow-fiber to have lower collector heat removal efficiency.                                   2. Keep warm in winter,isolate the heat in summer.

Modacrylic Flame-retardant / Formotex(Cotton) Blended Yarn

1. LOI(Limited Oxygen Index) is between 28 and 34.                         2. The cloth will not combust, fuse or shrink at high temperature.           ...

Formotex Coffee / Cotton(Polyester) Blended Yarn

1. Coffee included.                                                               ...

Formotex UV-cut / Cotton(Polyester) Blended Yarn

UV-cut yarn We add the TiO2 powder into Formotex fiber, let the fabric has reticular layer. Can protect our skins against ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet protect factor can reach UPF40↑.

Formotex Anti-bacterial / Cotton(Polyester) Blended Yarn

1.Formotex fiber mix with anti-bacterial chemical medicine.                                                 ...

Formotex Flame-retardant / Cotton(Polyester) Blended Yarn

1. LOI(Limited Oxygen Index)≧28.                                       2. Great heat-resistant and chromaticity,smokiness, no droplets. ...

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