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Veneer Composer (Veneer Core Builder)

Model : CI-VCB

The one operator working plc-type full veneer composer (veneer core builder) is specialized in cutting and jointing the monoplane veneer form 0.9mm to 4.5mm and simple operating by one worker, which from infeed conveyor, electronic ...

Automatic Knife Grinder


CHANG-I Knife Grinder, the machine is available with 1600mm ~ 4000mm in length on request.It could grind knife’s face, edge, back and thickness.Force cooling system on motor shaft obtains better cooling effect for the knives.Its a NC ...

Semi Veneer Auto Feeder

Model : CI-DVF

Semi Veneer Auto Feeder The CI-DAF Series Semi Auto Feeder provides systematic and precise feeding of individual trays to the dryer. The feeder receives the top sheet of core veneer from each stacks and uniformly distributes them ...

Plywood Edge Trimming Saws (Wood Panel Cutting Saws)

Model : CI-TS

 Specification: ◎ PLC Control System, Man machine interface operation and monitoring FEATURES: 1. For longitudinal cutting and cross cutting, this machine is provided  with 8 pieces each  of precision rolls which are as ...

Heavy Duty Type Auto Panel Feeder (Frame Type)

Heavy Duty Type Auto Panel Feeder (Frame Type) (Automatic & High-Speed Type) Our auto feeder is designed to feeding either a wood panel board  production line . These units are completely automatic and integrated with the ...

Veneer Spindless Lathe

Model : CI-VSL

This Veneer Lathe CI-VSL Series for log is a spindle-less log peeling lathe machine configured with PLC controller and requiring one operator, it’s easy for anyone to learn at short time. Using touch screen makes the operator ...

Arisun Green Veneer Clipper

Model : CI-GVC

ARISUN CLIPPER FOR GREEN VENEER CUTTING Automatic green veneer clipper CHANG I is special designed for random core green veneer thickness from1.2 mmto 4.5 mm. From in feeding though edge detecting system. Using NC electronic detector ...

Panel Plywood Stacker

Panel Plywood Stacker CI-PS2400 Help solve the high labor cost problem, the automatic stacker is designed for fully automatic operation from in-feed to out-feed system. It greatly saves labor cost. Size adjustment is motor driven ...

Back Veneer Composer

1. Save material:Using PLC type electronic detector reduced odd back veneer to minimum wasting 5mm. 2. Save labor :Operation is very simple, one or two workers are available.       3. High quality:Through electronic ...

Narrow Veneer Composer (Semi Core Veneer Joint)

Model : CI-SVCJ

Semi-Automatic Core Veneer Jointer /Narrow Veneer Composer (for the small piece veneer sheet) Specially designed for small piece veneer sheet less 75mm (after cutting edge) Using New Splicer Synchronous System, make the production ...

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