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Batch Off Machines

Product Name :
Batch Off Machines
Model No :
BO-100, BO-160, BO-200
Target Markets :
Factory Location :
1. Pull-out with head-pressing device or printer and rubber narrow strip device.
2. Dipping and climbing conveyor: with air piping inside of talc water tank, it can mixing by air and prevent powder sinking.
3. Rubber length of hanger could be adjusted as requirement.
4. Rubber temperature cool down by many sets of fans.
5. Keeping constant rubber storage by limited switch in front of accumulate conveyor.
6. Rubber sheet transport from accumulate conveyor, rubber sheet auto folding right & left both sides by swing action, moving by crane. It continuation procedure smoothly.
1. 機械型式: BO-100. (1) 使用總馬力:10 HP. (2) 膠片寬度 x 厚度: MAX 600 x 8 MM. (4) 最終膠片溫度: MAX. ROOM TEMP + 4℃. (5) 主機長度:13.5 M. 2. 機械型式:BO-160. (1) 使用總馬力:12 HP. (2) 膠片寬度 x 厚度: MAX 800 x 8 MM. (4) 最終膠片溫度: MAX. ROOM TEMP + 4℃. (5) 主機長度:20 M. 3. 機械型式: BO-200. (1) 使用總馬力:14 HP. (2) 膠片寬度 x 厚度:MAX 800 x 8 MM. (4) 最終膠片溫度: MAX. room temp + 4℃. (5) 主機長度:24 M.

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