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Tread Cooling Skiver Lines ( Tire Machine Equipment)

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Tread Cooling Skiver Lines ( Tire Machine Equipment)
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1. Cooling type: spray water at upside, dip in water at downside, with acetal modular conveyor-belt and stainless steel water tank, shaft and rubber roller.
2. Transmission control system of whole line with AC inverter motor and inverter, keeping speed stably, reducing uneven thickness of tread stretch.
3. Traveler cutting device with P.L.C and AC servo motor control system, excellent cutting precision.
4. Wide cutting range, cutting angle adjustable, skiver could be used again after grinded.
5. With high stretch transparent acrylic railing, increasing safety, and checking easily.
6. Per speed displayed on P.L.C center control box of each section in whole line.
7. Working procedure: roller pull-out section, mark color line, mark date or spec., continuance weight
scale, triple ply of cooling water tank, cutting tread, speed-up of roller belt-conveyor, dewater by sponge roller and dry by air-blade, weight scale, take-out belt-conveyor.
8. Per device could be increased or reduced as customer requirement.
1. Model: TCS-700. (1) Tire size: I/D; M/C. (2) Conveyor speed: 2 ~ 30 M/MIN. (3) Cutting thickness: 3 ~ 20 M/M. (4) Cutting speed: 6 ~ 12 PCS/MIN. (5) Cutting accuracy: ± 1 M/M. 2. Model: TCS-900. (1) Tire size: L/T; T/B. (2) Conveyor speed: 2 ~ 22 M/MIN. (3) Cutting thickness: 3 ~ 40 M/M. (4) Cutting speed: 5 ~ 10 PCS/MIN. (5) Cutting accuracy: ± 1 M/M.

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