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Bladder Curing Presses ( Tire Machine Equipment)

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Bladder Curing Presses ( Tire Machine Equipment)
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1. Completed set steady mechanism and integrated side plate which locked by concavo-convex groove processing.
2. With chilled casting of main shaft of cylinder, it has great hardness, no scrape and rustless.
3. Fixed plate with T groove of upper & lower mold, the molds could be changed and locked easily.
4. Hydraulic power unit: with special designed, it has high efficiency and power saving advantage. The hydraulic power unit will auto stop while in curing, auto start while curing press need pressurize.
5. electrical control system: stand control box with P.L.C control system, by manual and automatic operation.
6. Curing time setting: by digital displayed, it will auto alarm once opening mold.
1. Model: BCP-500. (1) Tire size: I/D ; M/C ; ATV ; P/C ; L/T. (2) Clamp force: 500 TONS. (3) Bladder’s type: B.O.M 4" ~ 20". (4) Dimension of mold’s holder: 930W x 970D M/M. (5) Daylight of opening mold and holder: 1,350 M/M. 2. Model: BCP-900. (1) Tire size: P/C ; L/T ; T/B. (2) Clamp force: 900 TONS. (3) Bladder’s type: B.O.M 12" ~ 24". (4) Dimension of mold’s holder: 1,200W x 1,250D M/M. (5) Daylight of opening mold and holder: 1,750 M/M.

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