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GPS/ 3G Vehicle Tracker

Model : GS-819

GS-819 is specially designed for vehicle tracking applications, equipped with Cinterion® EHS6 3G module and SiRF Star IV GPS Receiver. The rugged metallic structure is a best match for in-car environments. Opened I/Os are provided for ...

GPS Accessories

Model : Cigar_Charger

For Power Charging of Your GPS Devices in the Vehicle

GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracker

Model : CT-58

CT-58 is a mini GPS tracker available at the current market and is able to apply to many tracking purposes such as vehicle, container or asset tracking. CT-58 is also equipped with high sensitive vibration sensor which could reflect the real ...

Waterproof box with strong magnet

Model : Waterproof box

Vehicle Tracker Converter

Model : PX-3K1

The PX-3K1 Cable is DC to DC converter (8~35V to 5V) it mainly designed for the GPS trackers, such as our best-seller CT-58, used in vehicles and yachts. Users can connect the PX-3K1 Cable to the battery of their vehicle or yacht ...

4000mA Battery

Model : 4000mA_バッテリー

1500mA Battery

Model : 1500mAバッテリー

1800mA Battery

Model : 1800mA_バッテリー

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