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Marine GPS Locator

Model : GR-201

GR-201 is an outstanding high sensitivity Marine GPS receiver. Its excellent performance easily conquers the most difficult tasks. In addition, it provides various functions to meet customers' needs. You will find the device an accurate, ...

Internal GNSS Active Antenna

Model : AM-15G

AM-15G is the most compact internal GPS/Glonass antenna available on the current market. Its state-of-the-art technology allows for miniature without. With good coverage almost all the way to the horizon, it performs excellently in foliage or ...

5G NR / LTE Antenna, Low Profile Structure

Model : EEH-L01

The EEH-L01 is the 5G NR / LTE antenna. It is a low profile design 4G cellular antenna and is designed for the applications that require 4G application. The antenna can be also fallback to support 2G&3G applications.

High-Accuracy GNSS Active Antenna

Model : GL-111

GL-111 integrates high performance GPS ceramic patch antenna and unique filtering features with innovative proprietary circuit design and advanced double filters, which reduce interference from out-of-band signals. The design of the ceramic ...

GPS /GLONASS Signal Re-radiater for Indoor Satellites Signal Reception

Model : RK-306

Overview RK-306 is a complete GPS/GLONASS L1 band signal re-radiating system with dual antennas to re-transmit real-time GPS/GLONASS satellite outdoor reception to an indoor environment. The system kits include a high gain ...

GPS/3G Pets/Asset Tracker

Model : MU-201S2

SANAV MU201S2 is a more compact version of focusing on the pets, asset tracking and other applications require long battery hour. MU201S2 can either transmit its location via 3G in real time or retrospective manner. Settings are remotely ...

PCB WLAN Dual Bands Antenna

Model : GEPH-023

Specifications: Category Specifications Frequency range 2400MHz-2500 MHz / ...


Model : AW-10

The AW-10 is the multi-band antenna, which covers GNSS/700~2700MHz/2400~2500MHz /5150~5850MHz frequencies. It is specially designed for any telemetry applications, which utilize those bands. The high sensitivity of AW-10 will enhance the ...

High Gain WLAN Omni Antenna.

Model : THN-101

2.4GHz High Gain WLAN Omni Antenna Specification Frequency : 2.4~2.4835 GHz Gain : 12 dBi VSWR : ≤ 2.0 Impedance : 50 ohm Standard Connector : N FEMALE Dimension : 990 ...

LTE 4G Stick Antenna

Model : EEN-L01

The EEN-L01 is the LTE (Long Term Evolution) antenna, which is the latest standard in mobile networking technology, referred to as 3G/4G. It covers the LTE frequency ranges of 704-960/1710-2690 MHz providing omni-directional ...

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