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Cabinet RO Water Purifier Systems

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Cabinet RO Water Purifier Systems
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West Europe , North America , South America , Sout
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5 stage filtering systems: 5-micron inline PP filter:
1. The aperture of PP filter is no more than 5 micron, which guarantees the efficient elimination of solid impurities such as sand and rust in the source water.
2. Granule active carbon filter.
3. It can absorb the chlorine, foul smell and other substances in the water.
4. Extruded carbon filter.
5. It can eliminate organic chemicals, pesticides, the floating substances, remnant chloride, unpleasant taste, odors and colors as well as heavy metal particles. RO membrane.
6. Its aperture is 0.0001 micron, which ensures the efficient elimination of germs, toxins, heavy metals, salt and other harmful substances.
7. Post carbon filter.
8. Adjusts water PH value and prevent germs from rebirth, thus improve the water taste.
9. Distinct features:
(1) Decent exterior design like a host computer, decent and delicate.
(2) Automatically flush the filters for 18 seconds as soon as the machine starts work.
(3) Expert design protects the pump from damage under low water pressure.
(4) Three pipe colors are set up to distinguish raw water inlet, pure water outlet and waste water outlet.
(5) Fast tie-ins are adopted to connect machine body and water pipes.
(6) Easy to unassembled and assemble.
1. Model: RO-50: 2. Working voltage: 220V/50HZ. 3. Raw water pressure: 0.04-0.4Mpa. 4. Pure water output per day 50 gal. 5. Pressure tank storage: 2 gal. 6. The demand of water temperature: 5-45℃. 7. Max TDS of water: 1000mg/L. 8. The degree of purifying water. 9. The rate of taking off salt reaches at 92-99%. 10. Configuration five grades with pump or without pump: washing way: auto. 11. N.W.: (KGS):19. 12. G.W.: (KGS):20. 13. Unit Meas. (cm): 42x24x44. 14. Packing Meas (cm): 50x28x54.5.

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