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Carton Sealing Machines

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Carton Sealing Machines
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1. Model: EXC-305.
2. Applicable box: 150~∞L×100 ~ 500H (2 "to apply 3" the other agreements).
3. Minimum table height: 570mm, maximum 750mmH (other highly-specified configuration), with a brake wheel.
4. Sealing speed: 1000~1200 boxes per hour or more (must faster, the other agreements).
5. Mechanical dimensions: 1000L x 820W x 1350H.
6. Power: 220V, 1∮, 50/60HZ (other configurations can be specified).
7. Using gas source: 0.
8. Applicable to tape 48mmW~60~75mmW x 1000 Ma L (can be specified configuration).
9. Machine weight net: 90kg; gross weight: 170kg (including wooden total weight).
Auto sealer for the package.

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