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Round Bottle Labeling Machines ( With Feeder Tables)

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Round Bottle Labeling Machines ( With Feeder Tables)
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1. All the advanced electric eyes are imported from Japan and Germany.
2. The controlling box adopts mini-computer designs, touchable panel and big-LCD screen.
3. Tens of groups of memorial equipment are built in.
4. Speed of labeling reaches 0-25mm/min, and it's adaptable.
5. Precision of labeling: +1mm.
6. Applicable specification for label: bottom width:10-120mm, length: random
7. Inner diameter of scrolling paper applicable: 3" or 75mm,
outer diameter: within φ360mm.
8. Can be used on assembly line or a single machine.
9. The conveyer belt can be taken away, and the labeling mode can also be changed, in terms of different requirements.
10. Printer can be added in terms of requirements.
11. Machines whose application area does not belong to the following specifications can be redesigned according to the customers' demand.
1. Power source: 220V, 50/60HZ, 800W. 2. Speed of labeling is adjustable: 0~26m/min. 3. Inner diameter of label roll: φ76mm. 4. Maximum diameter of scrolling paper: φ350mm. 5. Height of standard label should be below: 130mm. 6. Maximum number of labels: 200mm. 7. Dimensions: 2100x1100x1420mm.

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