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Washing, Bottling And Capping Machines

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Washing, Bottling And Capping Machines
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Washing, bottling and capping machines with capacity of 1,500 - 4,000 bottles per hour.
1. Applies for washing, filling and sealing all kinds of small PVC, PET bottles.
2. Applies for producing all kinds of non-gas soft drinks, such as fruit juice, fruit wine, mineral water and pure water.
3. Fully automatic bottling line with washing, filling and capping multiple functions.
4. Configuration is made according to customer's bottle samples and requirements.
5. Advanced control panel for easy operation.
6. Suspension-style neck-catching structure to assure the convenience of changing bottles.
7. Pressure filling valve with high accuracy.
8. Magnetic capper, no cap hurts.
9. Silent rotary cap sorter, checks sensor in cap chute.
10. Low noise transmission.
1. Suitable bottle type (mm): H (170-320mm), dia. 50 - 110mm, 330 - 1500mL.

2. Production capacity: 3,000 - 4,000 bottles/hour.

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