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Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machine

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Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machine
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Suitable for a variety of cup-shaped box can be customized according to customer requirements the machine.

Automatic plastic cup filling and sealing machine box redesigned to automatically put the cup boxes, automatic filling, automatic coding, sterilization, vacuum, automatic sealing, (auto-cut film). Can increase or decrease in function according to customer requirements.
The aircraft's electrical components and pneumatic components are used brand-name manufacturers of domestic and foreign products, stable quality, long life, the importance of the machine parts are sophisticated machining centers, so the machine with a good, smooth, quality and performance of advanced and reliable.
Automatic sealing machine Plastic cup box beautiful and practical, simple operation, is the best choice for small and medium enterprises.
The machine uses chain stepping transmission, electronic temperature control, automatic process control, attractive appearance, reasonable structure, complete functions, easy operation, the main components of stainless steel cover, in line with national health requirements of the law, adapted to students' lunch series , standard classics, large-scale production.


1. Functions:auto cup falling, filling, date printing,Sealing twice, cutting, output

2. PLC control, stable performance

3. The machine structure is rational and its external appearance is beautiful. All sections of contacting the materials use the stainless steel.

4. Quality approved and good after-sale service, lifelong maintenance care.


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