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Ultra Light Type Air Shaft

Model : AA006

• Recommend for the rewinding application. • Shaft is made of the high-strength carbon fibers. • The shaft weight is ultra light, approximately only quarter weight of regular air shaft. • Reduce the risk of worker injuries. • Meet ...


Model : aa001

• Can increase the gripping force by elongate the lug element. • For full range of core sizes. • Rubber key, aluminum key or steel key is available for lug element according to the customer's demand. • Budget model. Recommend for the ...

Centering Multi Bladder Type Airshaft

Model : Centering Multi Bladder Type Airshaft

Product Character •Recommend for rewinding/unwinding which requires high precision on diameter. •Suitable for the operation with core tubes in different length. •Two stage expansion- expand first for centering, then gripping. •No roll ...

Coreless Type Airshaft

Model : aa005

• For coreless winding. Apply to shrink film, landscape film, rubber roofing, plastic fencing or netting, and all other material. • Green technology. Eliminate the disposal of core and save the cost for core. • High production efficiency. No ...

Multi Bladder Type Air Shaft

Model : Multi Bladder Type Air Shaft

Product Character •Recommend for rewinding/unwinding. •Easy maintenance. Replace bladder strips quickly and easily. •No need to remove the journal during the replacement of bladder. •Hard rubber elements are standard; aluminum ...

Leaf Type Air Shaft

Model : Leaf Type Air Shaft

Product Character •Recommend for rewinding work of narrow roll width, multiple cores or thin-wall cores. •Continuous leaf surface and 360-degree radial contact can provide excellent support and gripping force to thin wall core, and ...


Model : aa007

• Recommended for materials that cannot be stretched. • Journals are mounted on roller bearings fit into each end of the | shaft body • Allow journals rotate simultaneously and independently of the shaft body. Result in an even, uniform ...

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