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Centering Multi Bladder Type Airshaft

Product Name :
Centering Multi Bladder Type Airshaft
Model No :
Centering Multi Bladder Type Airshaft
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Product Character
•Recommend for rewinding/unwinding
which requires high precision on diameter.
•Suitable for the operation with core tubes in different length.
•Two stage expansion- expand first for centering, then gripping.
•No roll loping.
•Reduces core vibration and machine wearing.
•Easy maintenance. Simple bladder replacement takes less than 10 minutes.
•No need to remove the journal during the replacement of bladder.
•Cantilever shaft with flange or journal mounting is available for custom order.
•Slide-in ball bearing on surface of shaft
  to assist the changeover of core is available for option.
•Diameter:  3" ~ 12"(76mm ~ 300 mm)
•Shaft materials: 
 Aluminum alloy or first grade seamless steel with chrome-plated surface

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