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Industrial Ro System -- 1800 GPD

Model : COM-NEW1800

1. Membrane Size*Unit:4040 * 1 2. Membrane Housing:Material-304 Stainless steel With Cap. 3. Membrane Housing:Size*Unit-4040*1 4. FLOW Meters:Pure Water Flow Metar/Waste Water Flow Meter. 5. Pressure Gauges :Feed Water Pressure/Booster Pump ...

Industrial RO Systems For Brakish Waters

Model : COM-BR6000

TDS: 1000-5000ppm, chloride: 1000-4000ppm, conductivity: 1500-8000ms/cm2. 1. 3 way valve. 2. Low pressure pump. 3. Chemical dosing pump with tank. 4. 20” pre-filter. 5. SUS 304 high pressure pump. 6. Concentrate and permeate flow meters. 7. ...

Floor Type Industrial RO Systems

Model : COM-3000G

Central drinking water system for building, hotel rooms, schools, factories and hostels.

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