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Industrial RO Systems For Brakish Waters

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Industrial RO Systems For Brakish Waters
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TDS: 1000-5000ppm, chloride: 1000-4000ppm, conductivity: 1500-8000ms/cm2.
1. 3 way valve.
2. Low pressure pump.
3. Chemical dosing pump with tank.
4. 20” pre-filter.
5. SUS 304 high pressure pump.
6. Concentrate and permeate flow meters.
7. Inlet solenoid valve and flush solenoid valve.
8. Auto P.L.C control.
9. Low pressure and overload alams.
10. Pure water flash tank.
1. Pressure vessel of FRP 300 psi. 2. Membrane TFC 4 x 40. 3. 50/60hz, 220V-380V, 3phase.

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