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Floor Type Industrial RO Systems

Model : COM-3000G

Central drinking water system for building, hotel rooms, schools, factories and hostels.

Industrial Ro System -- 1800 GPD

Model : COM-NEW1800

1. Membrane Size*Unit:4040 * 1 2. Membrane Housing:Material-304 Stainless steel With Cap. 3. Membrane Housing:Size*Unit-4040*1 4. FLOW Meters:Pure Water Flow Metar/Waste Water Flow Meter. 5. Pressure Gauges :Feed Water Pressure/Booster Pump ...

32000 GPD RO Systems

Model : COM-NEW32000G

1. Industrial RO system with 32000 GPD output capacity. 2. 30" stainless filtration (7 stages). 3. Dosing valve. 4. Pure water flow meter. 5. Waste water flow meter.

Compact RO Systems

Model : CPT-100

1. Compact under counter RO system, which includes RO system and also pressure tank in one elegent designed case. 2. This design can save lots of space, and better designed. 3. It also provides leaking protection warning, which made this ...

Industrial RO Systems For Brakish Waters

Model : COM-BR6000

TDS: 1000-5000ppm, chloride: 1000-4000ppm, conductivity: 1500-8000ms/cm2. 1. 3 way valve. 2. Low pressure pump. 3. Chemical dosing pump with tank. 4. 20” pre-filter. 5. SUS 304 high pressure pump. 6. Concentrate and permeate flow ...

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