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You Lee Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.

We offer permanent hair dyes, hair perm creams, hair tonics, scalp (silk protein, polymer) treatments, hair deep cleansers, hair conditionings, hair styles water clear gels, semi-finished products, herb hair dyes, hair perms lotions, natural herb hair dyes, perm wave lotions, hair straightening creams, rebonding creams, no ammonia odors, hair salon products, fast coloring ...

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Xiamen Beatifu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Bath Gift Set,Shower Gel,Body Lotion,Body Butter,Hand Lotion,Hand Wash,Body Splash,Bath Salt,Perfume,essential oil

    China China

Xiamen Olivee Daily Use Chemical Co., Ltd.

bath gift set,bath product,bath set,shower gel,body care product,wholesale bath product,bath and body workd,bubble bath,body lotion,spa kit

    China China

Guangzhou Baofeng Bio-Technology Corporation

face cream,lightening cream,lightening lotion,hair cream,shower gel,facial cleanser,facial toner,rosewater,hair relaxer,shower cream

    China China

POB International Co.,

masque, hand cream, shower gel, shampoo, cleansing oil, cleansing mousse, and other related skincare products

    Taiwan Taiwan

Fujian Mengjiaolan Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd.

hair conditioner,body butter,bath soap,bath fizzer,body spray,mosquito repellents,air freshener,bath salt,shaving gel,hair gel

    China China

Yiwu Dearbody Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Yiwu Dearbody Cosmetic Co., Ltd., located in China's commodity manufacturing center, Yiwu City, is a specialized producer and exporter of bath products, including bath salt, bath oil, bubble bath, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body cream, bath fizz, scented oil, flower soaps, and bath gift sets. Our modernized factories, advanced equipment, and ...

    China China

Xiamen Fairway Trading Co., Ltd.

SPA gift set,Body Butter,Bubble Bath,Hand Soap,Body Lotion,Hair Conditioner,Body Mist,Body Scrub,Detergent,Soap

    China China

Xiamen Cleanss Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of various bath products, skin care items, bath gift sets, home fragrance and so on. Our main products include shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body cream, body scrub, body butter, bath salt, bath fizzer, essential oil, diffusers, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, hand cream, hand soap, foot lotion, foot scrub, etc. All of our ...

    China China

Bonny (Zhangzhou) Daily Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

spa bath set,message oil,shampoo,bath salt,bath fizzer,body scrub,body butter,body spray,soap,hand wash

    China China

Guangzhou City Ladyfy Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

bath confetti,shampoo,bath salt,bath fizzer,hand wash,body lotion,compound essential oil,massage oil,hand sanitizer,hand soap

    China China

Guangzhou Duoya Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

facial cleanser,eye cream,hair gel,hair conditioner,liquid soap,Household care products,baby care products,men skin care products

    China China

Guangdong Kanwan Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

toothpaste,mouthwash,hair conditioner,facial mask,air freshener,body oil,body lotion,hair oil,talcum powder,baby cream

    China China

Huizhou Bomei Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

hair conditioner,body spray,facial cream,facial mas,detergent,bath salt,body scrub,body butter,body wash,bubble bath

    China China

Zhongshan Blica Daily Products Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Blica Daily Products Co., Ltd is located in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province where enjoy beautiful scenery and aggregation of human life. It was founded in 1999 and is a professional daily chemical enterprise which synthesize design, development, production, processing, sales and service, we dedicated to developing and manufacturing various kinds ...

    China China

STC Bath and Body Care Factory

transparent soap,bath confetti,body lotion,shampoo,hand soap,soap flower,glycerine soap,skin care,bath bomb,bath soap

    China China

Guangzhou Pacino Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

teeth whitener,Lubricant Gel,essential oil,pilatory,china cosmetics factory,hair removal cream,massage cream,body thinning cream,cosmetics OEM,slimming lotion

    China China

Hangzhou Karic Commodities Co., Ltd.

Shampoo,Hand Wash,Hand Lotion,Hair Conditioner,Deodorant,Hand Sanitizer,Bath Gift Set,Bubble Bath,Body Scrub,Body Cream

    China China

Yiwu Jinghui Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

MOB:0086-13757943820 (Rose) TEL: 0086-579-85032752 FAX:0086-579-85032753 YIWU JING HUI COSMETICS CO.,LTD is situated in the world largest small commodities Production Base - Yiwu International Commodities City, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China. our brand is " GUSSI" Based on the principle of "Customers come first", we warmly welcome customers ...

    China China

Yangzhou Kailai Hotel Amenities Co., Ltd.

combs,shampoo,bath gel/bath foam,bedding textiles,liquild bottles,hair conditioner,body lotion,shaving kits,dental kits,vanity kits

    China China

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