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We are a manufacturer & exporter specialize in "gift" and "household" items for more than 18 years. Welcome your inquiry, trial order or O.E.M.....

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Tianjin Chunyun Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Chunyun Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, located in Teda, Tianjin, China. We will do our best to do business with our customers. We have an expert industrial heaters factory, which includes manufacturing and marketing. And it has kinds of industrial fan heaters, Diesel/kerosene heaters, gas heaters, and so on .Our leading products are ...

    China China

Da Jin Long Motor Co., Ltd.

air cooler,electric controller,generator remote controller

    China China

China Yangzhou Guo Tai Co., Ltd.

Gas Mantles,Pressure Lantern,LED lantern,Incandescent Bulbs,White Candles,Electric Hot Plates,Barbecue Grill,Charcoal Irons,Enamel Teapot,Electric Kettle

    China China

Hangzhou Qingqing Industry Co., Ltd.

cooking pot,pans,sauce pan,kerosene stove,kerosene heater,enamel electric kettle

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    China China

Perfect Housewares Industrial Co., Ltd.

Established in 1994, Perfect Housewares Industrial Co., Ltd. (PHW) has been rapidly advancing towards the goal of becoming one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Electric Kettles, Heaters and Stainless Steel Housewares. Our head office is located in Shenzhen, with a 1000 square meter showroom. We believe you will find the one you need. We operate three ...

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Yangzhou Rong Yu Electric Heating Appliance Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Dashan Industrial co.,Ltd keeping research and development in kerosene heater serial products had more than 10 years history,and has obtained many patents in follows. Now make the joint production with"Yangzhou Rongyu Electric Manufaturing co.,Ltd". The new factory is located inYangzhou city-Xiannv Industrial Park of Jiangsu , covers an area of 9,000 ...

    China China

Ningbo Baogong Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Baogong Electrical Appliance Company, Located in Fuhai Industrial Zone----- beautiful Donghai beads. Cixi, Ningbo city, was established in the year of 1999. BGE covers an area of 20000 square meters with facility instrument space of 13000 square meters. And it has the capital assets of RMB200 million. BGE is an expert industrial heaters factory, which includes ...

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Yangzhou Hurricane Lanterns Co., Ltd.

(1) food processing machines ( machinery, equipments) meat mincers, food grinders, sausage stuffer, corn grinders, ice shaving machines, wheatgrass juicers, pasta machines, ham making machines and corn threshers. (2) household goods white candles, pillar candles, household candles, tealight candles, taper candles, votive candles, patio torches, tabletop torches, smudge ...

    China China

Ningbo Homstar Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

carbon fiber heaters, oil filled heaters, convector heaters, panel heaters, halogen heaters,fan heaters, PTC fan heaters, radiant heaters, fan type heaters, air coolers and warmers, far infrared heaters, kerosene heaters, industrial fan heaters, fireplaces, pation heaters, hand mixers, mini choppers, coffee grinders, food processors, breakfast sets, egg cookers, sandwich ...

    China China

Ningbo Jinlijian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

household small electrical appliances- (1) electric heater- air heaters, infra-red heaters, far IR heater, halogen & quartz heaters, kerosene heaters, carbon fibre heaters, parabolic heater, ceramic heater, fan heater, electric oil heating. (2) water dispensers- desktop water dispenser, floor standing water dispenser, freestanding water dispensers, hot & warm & cold water ...

    China China

Yangzhou Hurricane Lanterns Co Ltd

We mainly handle exports of Hurricane lanterns, kerosene lanterns, pressure lanterns, gas lanterns, kerosene lamps, LED lanterns, gas mantles, lantern globes, lamp chimneys, lamp wicks (cotton wicks and fiberglass wicks) . Kerosene stoves, electric hot plates, kerosene heaters, patio heaters, barbecure grills, kerosene stove wicks (braided cotton wicks, twisted cotton ...

    China China

Nihon Electronics Industries (HK) Co., Ltd.

Our company is established in 1990, pressional in supplying home appliances with good quality and better prices. Our customers are from South America and mid-east. We have our own factories to produce and export all of our home appliances.

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Cixi Keyu Home Appliances. Co., Ltd. is a company in designing and manufacturing home appliances such as water filters/purifiers, point-of-use water dispensers, PC bottles, air purifiers, kerosene heaters, etc. in China.Domestically, Keyu's...

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China Yangzhou Guo Tai Co Ltd

We mainly handle exports ofElectric hot plates,barbecue grills,kerosene stoves,kerosene heaters,charcoal irons,enamel teapots,enamel electric kettles,enamel pails,ice buckets,enamel stock pots,enamel ice bowls,enamel frypans,enamel buckets,kerosene stove...

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Yangzhou Kerosene Stoves Co Ltd

Providing kerosene stoves,kerosene heaters,charcoal irons,hurricane lanterns,kerosene lanterns,kerosene lamps,LED hurricane,pressure lanterns,gas mantles,white candles,tealight candles,candle lanterns,patio torches,lamp/lantern wicks,candle wicks,stove...

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