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Formotex Coffee Yarn, FormFCFC is wholesale fabric suppliers and our major businesses are production and sales of petrochemical products, including PTA, PS, AN, Butadiene, SM polymer, SM, benzene, toulene, p-xylene (PX) and o-xylene (OX), nylon filament, rayon staple fiber.otex coffee fabric,Modacrylic yarn,Fire proof fabric,Recycle fabric,light-weight fabric,Coffee ...

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Zhongshan City Nengshi Guangbao Electronic Co., Ltd.

cotton combed yarn,cotton carded yarn,polyester ring spun yarn,TC/CVC blended yarn,yarn for knitting,yarn for weaving,recycled yarn,regenerated yarn,acrylic yarn,PP yarn

    China China

Shenzhen Jinlijing Trading Co., Ltd.

100% cotton yarn,TC/PC blended yarn,cotton yarn waste,recycled/regenerate cotton yarn,recycled/regenerated polyester yarn,acrylic yarn,acrylic cotton blended yarn,combed cotton yarn,carded cotton yarn,open end/OE cotton yarn

    China China


Chitosan Antibacterial Viscose Rayon Fiber,Chitosan Antibacterial Blended Yarn ,Chitosan Antibacterial Blended Fabric

    Taiwan Taiwan

Shanghai Yaogao Impex Co., Ltd.

working gloves,tea towle

    China China

Jiangsu Yueda Textile Group Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Yueda Textile Group Co. Ltd. was founded in July 2003, which is a hi-tech enterprise focusing on manufacturing of yarn, fabric, garment and home textile. Yueda Textile was invested by Yueda Investing Stock Company, which is also a listed company, with investing capital of RMB500,000,000. and land of around 850,000. square meters. The current output capacity of ...

    China China

Hangao International Trade Co., Ltd. Wenzhou

Jean yarn,blanket yarn,carpet yarn,weaving yarn,knitting yarn,yarn for bed sheets,yarn for wicks,yarn for pet toys,rope yarn

    China China

Shaoxing Xinguang Yarn Co., Ltd.

polyester yarn,regenerated cotton yarn,glove yarn,cotton waste yarn,sock yarn,chenille yarn,cotton fabric,t/r fabric,glove machine,t/c fabric

    China China

Hebei Diamond Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

Our company has been in cashmere industry for over 20 years and is one of the Chinese leading manufacturers in this field. Our subsidiaries are a wool and cashmere scouring factory, a wool and cashmere carding factory, a spinning factory and a knitting factory. With high quality and good services, 95% of our products have been exported to overseas markets. We have ...

    China China

Wuhu Yufeng Textile Co., Ltd.

Linen cotton blended yarn,Linen viscose blended yarn,Linen polyester blended yarn,Tencl linen blended yarn,Model linen blended yarn,Wool blended yarn

    China China

Wenzhou Tiancheng Textile Co., Ltd.

cvc yarn,Slub Yarn,Blended Yarn,Sock Yarn,sock knitting yarn,t/c Yarn,color Yarn,working glove yarn,Recycled polyester Yarn,dyedYarn

    China China

Zhejiang Yilei Woollen Spinning & Weaving Co., Ltd.

cashmere yarn,merino wool yarn,cashmere blended yarn,worsted/combed yarn,semi-worsted yarn,wool knitting yarn,cashmere/silk,mercerized wool yarn,anti-shrinking,cashmere/cotton

    China China

Shandong Saite New Material Co., Ltd.

100%Acrylic yarn,polyester acrylic blended yarn,sanitary towel,baby diaper,blanket,Textile,Bed Linen,towel,curtain,pajamas

    China China

Tianjin Yimeng Cashmere Textile Co., Ltd.

Blended Yarn,Wool Quilt,Cashmere Quilt,cahmere sweater,camel yarn,yak yarn

    China China

Hangzhou Xuyang Knitting Co., Ltd.

Woven fabric,Blended Yarn,Polyester Yarn/Fiber,Nylon Yarn/Fiber,Spandex Yarn/Fiber,Cotton yarn

    China China

Shijiazhuang Tianlongtong Trade Co., Ltd.

T/C poplin fabric,T/C twill fabric,t/c grey fabric,polyester grey fabric,t/c camouflage fabric,polyester spun yarn,t/c blended yarn

    China China

Botou Tianlun Textiles Import And Export Co., Ltd.

tencel yarn,organic cotton yarn,corn fiber yarn,soybean yarn,dyed modal yarn,dyed bamboo yarn,blended yarn,bamboo/modal fabric,bedding set,bamboo sock

    China China

Dezhou Huayuan Eco-Technology Co., Ltd.

blended yarn,Lenzing fiber product,Lenzing modal tencel lyocel fiber yarn,flame-resistance yarn,modacrylic,aramid yarn,meta-aramid yarn,aramid fabric,10-100s yarn,polyester yarn

    China China

China Resources Textiles Investment & Development Co., Ltd.

cotton yarn,pima yarn,blended yarn,bleached yarn,gassed yarn,mercerized yarn,superfine yarn,waxed yarn

    China China

Wenzhou Lianyu Textile Co., Ltd.

synthetic yarn,mixed & blended yarn,viscose yarn,knitted sweater brushed yarn,OE yarn,pet toy yarn,mop yarn,glove yarn,Denim fabric yarn,sofa cloth yarn

    China China

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