Asbestos Sheet
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Golden Member : Asbestos Sheets Manufacturers & Suppliers

Changyi Dongfeng Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

graphite sheet,graphite tape,Spiral Wound Gasket

    China China

Jiangmen Benhe Automobile Parts Ind. Co., Ltd.

asbestos rubber sheet,metal sealing material,muffler ring,motor full set,chain saw

    China China

Jinma Sealing Products Co., Ltd. Ningbo

We, Jinma Sealing Products Co., Ltd. Ningbo are located in Ningbo's Yuyao Yangming Science and Technology Area, 50 and 100 kilometers respectively away from Ningbo and Shanghai harbors. Our comprehensive company is engaged in producing a large variety of packing materials, sealing compounds, gasket sheets, fireproof and insulating materials, friction materials and ...

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Shanghai Lechang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.


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Ningbo Pidegree Plastic & Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.

yoga mat,eva foam sheet,xpe foam roll,ixpe foam,gasket sheet,non asbestos sheet,tpe yoga mat,pvc yoga mat,foam mat,non-asbestos gasket

    China China

Anqing Cling-Seal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

non asbestos Reinforced composite sheet,graphite Reinforced composite sheet,asbestos Reinforced composite sheet,double steel non asbestos sheet,exhaust gasket,exhaust o-ring gasket,High Pressure Asbestos Rubber Sheet,Flexible Graphite Strip & Tape,Oil-Resistant Asbestos Rubber Sheet,Oil-Resistant non Asbestos Rubber Sheet

    China China

Cixi Dongfeng Sealing & Packing Co., Ltd.

PTFE sheet,O ring,spiral wound gasket,rubber gasket,gland packing,tellerette packing ring,ring joint gasket,graphite sheet,Pall ring,rubber extrusion

    China China
Primary member : Asbestos Sheets Suppliers & Manufacturers

Ningbo Gaote Sealing Co., Ltd.

PTFE products, gaskets, metal spiral wound gaskets, metal toothed gaskets, high strength gaskets, metal jacketed gaskets, metal waveform gaskets, metal ring medals, metal o ring gaskets, PTFT sandwiched and jacketed gaskets, cylinder gaskets, insulation suite and expanded ptfe belts, graphite sealing belts, rubber sealing belts, packings, aramid fiber packings, carbon ...

    China China

Cixi Weilite Sealing Material Co., Ltd.

industrial supply ( supplies)- (1) gasket materials-reinforced graphite sheets, reinforced non-asbestos sheets, reinforced asbestos sheets, asbestos rubber sheets, non-asbestos rubber sheets, flexible (expanded) graphite sheets & rolls, flexible graphite tapes, gasket paper materials, PTFE sheets, reinforced graphite composite sheets. (2) gaskets- spiral wound gaskets, ...

    China China


Taipei Chrestin gasket material Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing sheet gasket material, Non-asbestos jointing sheet and reinforced composite sheet sealing material. Our main products: Flexible (expanded) graphite sheet (rolls). Reinforced graphite composite sheet, reinforced asbestos sheet, reinforced non-asbestos sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, non-asbestos ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Cixi Great Packing & Gasket Co., Ltd.

Main Products as follows:Compression PackingPTFE packing, Aramid packing, Graphite packing, Carbon fiber Packing, Synthetic fiber packing, Mineral fiber packing etc.Joint Sheet Non-asbestos sheet, PTFE sheet, Graphite sheet, Rubber sheet, Cork Rubber...

    Others Others

Cixi Aiflon Sealing Material Co., Ltd

We are the biggest gasket exporter in China, which specializes in various of packings and gaskets. The company has ten of thousands varieties of products in ten lines. They are spiral wound gasket, heat exchanger gasket, graphite packing & sheet, carbon fire packing, glass fiber packing / sheet asbestos packing, rubber, graphite packing ring, reinforced graphite sheet, ...

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