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External Cables Assemblies Antenna manufacturing Internal Cables Assemblies SMT Products and Assemblies Driving Recorder mmWave Radar

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Evercom Communication Tech Co., Ltd.

We manufacture communication antennas, including UHF antenna, VHF antenna, GPS antenna, antenna amplifier, omni directional antenna, citizen band antennas, GSM antennas, WiMAX antenna, RFID antenna, dvb-t antenna, dish antenna, antenna mount, NMO mount, VHF UHF antenna, magnetic antenna, wireless antenna, yagi antenna, tri band antenna, 802.11 b antenna, 802.11 antenna, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Shenzhen Tuoshi Technology Co., Ltd.

Wireless usb adapter,Paperless Fax

    China China

Lanbowan Communications Ltd.

mimo antenna,cable,UBNT,MIKROTIK,POE,wifi antenna,lanbowan,antenna,wireless antenna,wlan antenna

    China China

Shenzhen Yonghua Communication & Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

USB WiFi adapter,GPS Antenna,WiFi Antenna,LED downlight,LED strips,mobile charger,AP/CPE,amplifier,connectors,connector adapter

    China China

Zhejiang Trustele Telecom Ltd.

TRUSTELE is a high-tech company in the design and manufacturing of customized products for wireless applications. TRUSTELE partners with its customers to help them find the solutions for applications in various industries. TRUSTELE offers extensive array of base station antennas, in-building wireless antennas and microwave antennas. Responding to the ever-increasing ...

    China China

Foshan Sanshui Asian Creation Communications Ltd.

RF cable,RF connector,passive Components,2.4G antenna,Grid antenna,5.8G antenna,panel antenna,sector antenna,RF cable assembly,magnetic antenna

    China China

Shenzhen Hang Yu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

WiMAX Antennas,WiFi and WLAN Antennas,LTE Antennas,Repeater Antennas,RFID Antennas,GPS Antennas,433MHz Antennas,TV Antenna

    China China

Nanhai Microwave Communications Equipment Co., Ltd.

MIMO Antenna,Wlan/Wi-Fi Antenna,Wimax Antenna,GSM/CDMA Antenna,3G/LTE Antenna,Broadband Antenna,Dvb-t Antenna,RFID Antenna,Marine Antenna,Cluster Antenna

    China China

Dongguan Baiao Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

DMB-TH Antenna,radio antenna,GPS Antenna,GSM Antenna,rod antenna,indoor antenna,antenna accessory,car antenna,TV Antenna,car tv antenna

    China China

Shenzhen Afoundry Electronic Co., Ltd.

wlan card,3g adapter,power bank,usb modem,antenna

    China China

Shenzhen Ogemray Technology Co., Ltd.

wifi router,wlna card,wifi module,embedded module,network card,wifi stick,HDMI DLAN TV card,usb wifi adapter,wireless wifi dongle,wifi TV card

    China China

Shanghai Xin Liang Stainless Steel Tube Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2007, Shanghai Xin Liang Stainless Steel Tube Ltd. Company specializes in manufacturing small, thin-walled and high-precision stainless steel capillary tubes. The specifications of our products are: Outside Diameter is from 12mm to 0.5mm. Wall Thickness is from 0.6mm to 0.06mm. In this range, we can manufacture all kinds of customized stainless steel ...

    China China
Primary member : Wireless Antenna Suppliers & Manufacturers

Advanced Connectek Inc.

antenna manufacturers- energy battery ( batteries), cable assembly ( assemblies), wireless antennas, optical fiber components, external antennas, UWB rod antennas, cell phone cables.

    Taiwan Taiwan

In-Tech Company Ltd.

electronic ( electrical) parts and components- (1) smd power inductors, smd chip inductors, power chokes, shielded power chip inductors, high current inductors, common mode chokes, wire wound inductors, electrical inductors. (2) antennas- HDTV antennas, directional and dipole antennas, gsm antennas, wireless lan antennas, wlan antenna, indoor antennas, bluetooth antennas, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Pro-Data International Corporation

We have been manufacturing cable connectors, RF connector since 1988. Manufacturer and designer of die & molding products (1) electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components- wireless antennas, wireless antenna, wiring ( wire) harness, cable assembly, cable, cables, wire cable, wire cables, cable assemblies, cable connectors, wireless, RF connectors, RF connector & ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Shenzhen CXD Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

telecommunication equipments- two way radio accessory ( accessories), walkie talkie headset, walkie talkie headsets, two way radio battery, two way radio batteries & accessory, laptop battery manufacturers, automotive battery manufacturers, two way radio handset, two way radio handsets, headset microphone, headset microphones, radio battery charger, radio battery chargers, ...

    China China

Shenzhen Hiyunton Walkie-Talkie Co., Ltd.

(1) telecommunication equipments -walkie talkie, walkie talkies, Motorola & ICOM walkie talkies, walkie talkie headset, walkie talkie headsets. (2) audio products & equipment- two way radio, two way radios, two way radio accessory ( accessories), two way radio battery, two way radio batteries & accessory, laptop & automotive batteries, two way radio handset, two way radio ...

    China China

TP-Link Technology Co., Ltd.

networking related products- (1) wireless LAN devices- WLAN products, wireless N routers, wireless cardbus adapter, PCI adapters, USB adaptors, wireless AP client router, ADSL2+ powerline routers, wireless access point, wireless antennas, 2.4GHz indoor omni antenna, desktop directional antenna, outdoor antenna, antenna extension cable. (2) ADSL- ADSL2 / ADSL2+ wireless ...

    China China

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