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Yuan Shin

The brass casting production, such as valves, air pipefittings, power sprayer, cylinder, cylinder cover, gas cock parts, fireplace copper products, etc.

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Lai Yue Industrial Co., Ltd.

we provide zinc die casting product& magnesium alloy die casting products- cars parts, aftermarket automotive parts, custom-made car parts, hydraulic pressure valve body, pneumatic tools outer shell parts, 3C peripheral equipments & parts, camera outer shell parts, leather case parts, sanitation & bath tub parts, home hardware, door hardware, construction & building parts, ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Kunshan Hongda Heavy Forging Co., Ltd.

ringlike forgings,wheel rim,driven shaft,valve body,cylindrical forgings

    China China


Grae Box,Castings,Machine Parts ,Pump Body,Valve Body,Metal working..

    Taiwan Taiwan


Playing a vital role in trading & sourcing companies in Taiwan area, Sheng Easy Engineering Products Co., Ltd. helps our customers to find the suitable manufacturers to produce OEM parts with metal, plastic or rubber materials in various industrial ...

    Taiwan Taiwan
    China China


Machine tools & precision CNC machining, special purpose machines, single purpose machinery, CNC lathes, lathe machines, NC hydraulic slide sets, cross hydraulic slide sets, drilling spindles, tapping spindles, REC eccentric spindles, high precision spindles, valve body processing special machines, vertical machining centers, central machinery, 12 axes automatic ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


industrial machinery- multi- bolt machinery, axial drilling machine, bended and 3- outlets couplings processing machinery, piston hole drilling spinning disc processing machine, piston cutting machines, chamfering machines, spindle 4index disk drilling& tapping machinery, boring machinery, turning spherical machine, bolt auto loding chamfer machine, boraching ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Guangzhou Hua Feng Machinery Electricity Equipments Co., Ltd.

semi-conductor parts,pump casing,impeller,valve body,cable reel,worm housing,base,gear box

    China China

Wuxi Paike Heavy Casting And Forging Co., Ltd.

Large Forged Ring,Wind Tubine Spindle,Shaft,Tube plate,Hydrogenation cylinder,Equipment flange,Cylinder flange,Connecting flange,Valve body,Gear wheel

    China China

Dongguan Huayun Electronic & Hardware Co., Ltd.

shaft,screw,pin,nut,connector,housing,long axis,aluminum skate,CNC machined valve body

    China China

Suzhou Tiger Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

marine,petrochemical,coupling,valve body,high neck forging flange,flange,engineering machinery parts,excavator parts,line wheel,Pipe connecting

    China China

Shanxi Tianzhu Casting Co., Ltd.

casting,lost foam casting,valve body,ductile iron for pvc pipe fittings,ductile iron pipe,Pump body,Screw on flange,FLANGED ADAPTER,manhole cover,rubber gasket

    China China

Shaoxing Newidea Fire Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.

valve,extinguisher valve,powder valve,CO2 valve,brass valve,coupling,sprinkler valve,fire extinguisher,valve body,pressure valve

    China China

Ningbo Yinzhou Fuchun Precision Casting Co., Ltd.

bucket&adapter,valve body,machining parts,casting parts,train parts,hydraulic parts,cylinder parts

    China China


AAA Ent. Co., Ltd, established in 1979, is a professionalmanufacturer of solenoid valve and various automaticcontrol valves. Our products were rewarded first reward ofelite products by hydraulic & pneumatic machineryassociation of the R.O.C. and have ISO 9002 internationalquality assurance system certification endorsed by RW-TUV.The merits of our CE marking products are ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Cixi Weijia Metals Products Co., Ltd.

floor drain,drain,cleanout,roof drain,drainer,cixi

    China China

Shandong Yanggu Jingyanggang Precision Casting Co., Ltd.

Shandong yanggu jingyanggang precision casting co.,ltd is a professional steel casting manufacturer has his own foundry, CNC machining department and handcraft polishing factory, came into existence from the year of 2007. As a major manufacturer of investment castings, we adopt the lost-wax process to serve a huge variety of markets that require metal parts in stainless ...

    China China

Jiangyou Changxiang Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Moould Steel,Tool Steel,Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel,Die Steel,Mold,Ring,Block,Step Shaft,Tube

    China China
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Ming Yang Aluminum, Inc.

we provide intake ( inlet) manifolds, cooler covers, control arms, sawing machines bases, pump parts, engine components, machinery parts, cars parts, aluminum sands castings, precise castings, sand casts, sand molds, heat exchangers, CNC machining, metal foundry, investment casting ball valve body ( BBQ grates, fittings, flour spins, glass supports, handles), clutch servo ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

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