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(1) industrial raw materials- magnesite products including dead burned magnesite, calcined magnesite, calcined magnesite powder, fused magnesite, calcined magnesite ball, magnesite chrome/ aluminum/ carbon bricks, diatomaceoua earth, talc, fluorspar (2) refractory materials- sodium slicates powder, dolomite, nephilite, fluorspar (3) chemical products including ...

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Haicheng Jiahui Talc Powder Factory

Haicheng Jia Hui Talcum power Factory is located in Mafeng town, Haicheng city which is famous for its high-class talc resource in China. Currently, Jiahui has 180 staff and occupies 13000 m2. As an individual proprietorship company, the fixed assets of Jiahui are more than 30 million. Now, Jiahui have integrated mining and processing. Currently, we mine around 100,000 ...

    China China

Haicheng Xinnuoxier Mining Industry Co., Ltd.

talc powder,talc lump,chlorite powder,dolomite powder,mica powder,barium sulphate,amorphous graphite

    China China

Haicheng Fuyuan Microtalc Factory(General Partnership)

Haicheng Fuyuan Microtalc Factory is a specialized manufacturer of Talc from Mining to Micronizing. Fuyuan Microtalc has 2 talc mines in Haicheng with an annual output of 80000 tons of talc ores and 8 production lines: 2 sets of jet mills, 3 sets of vertical mills and 2 sets of Raymond mills. With a well equipped laboratory and the most advanced quality control ...

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Haicheng Ruitong Mining Co., Ltd.

Haicheng Ruitong Mining Co Ltd established in October 1997 and passed ISO9001-2000. " Ruitong" focuses on talc products and is a synthetic company which integrate mining, processing and sales. The factory yard located in Haicheng city Liaoning province, it is 7 km away from the Shenda express way; to the south there are Bayuquan and Dalian Port.. The ...

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Haicheng Jinghua Mineral Products Co., Ltd.

Haicheng Jinghua Mineral Products Co., Ltd is a joint venture company co-founded by Haicheng Jinghua Micron Talc Factory and Taiwan Etana Industrial Co., Ltd, which is located in Haicheng, the well known Talc City in Liaoning province of North China, which is famous for its huge reserves of high grade talc. The corporation owns Jinghua Micron Talc Factory, Haicheng ...

    China China

Ningyang Globalbas Trading Co., Ltd.

Barium sulphate,AKD Wax,Calcium formate,MEKO,Maleic resin,Hexamine,Mica,Magnesium hydroxide,Calcium hydroxide,Dolomite

    China China

Broadtech Chemical International Co., Ltd.

Our company, established in 2005, is located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China. Our company is not only an ISO9001,BV and SGS certified company belonging to Broadtech Chemical Industry (Group) Co., Limited, but also the foreign trade window of this Group. As a leading professional chemical manufacturer and exporter certified by BV and SGS, we devote ourselves to ...

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Dandong Tianci Fire-Retardant Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Dandong Tianci Fire-Retardant Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the side of the world famous Yalv River in Dandong City of Liaoning Province. Our company is 38km away from Dadong Port and only few kilometers away from the airport and railways. We enjoy convenient transportation. Our company is an integrated company of mine exploitation, production and sale. We ...

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Shenzhen Beihua Plastic Co., Ltd.

We are a leading manufacturer of plastic masterbatch in China. Our main products include PIB masterbatch, white masterbatch, anti-static masterbatch, anti-block and slip masterbatch, masterbatch for EPE and masterbatch for bubble film. Our aim is to help film manufacturers lower their production cost and achieve a high product quality in application of our masterbatchs.

    China China

Foshan Shunde Yufeng Powder Material Co., Ltd.

mica powder,talc powder,titanium dioxide,magnesium strong powder,calcium carbonate,quartz sand and powder,Barite powder,TiO2

    China China

Dalian CR Science Development Co., Ltd.

Magnesium Oxide ball,Caustic Calcined Magnesia ball,Magnesia Briquette,olivine sand,calcined olivine sand,Forsterite,Graphite ball,Dead Burned Magnesite,Talc,Zinc Sulphate

    China China

Foshan Nanhai Guan Bo Jie Food Co., Ltd.

Talc Gum Base,Olivary Bubble Gum,Sugar Chewing Gum,Sugar Bubble Gum,Marshmelon,Sugar Stick Gum,Lollipop,Hard Candy,Jelly Bubble Gum,Milk Candy

    China China

Dongguan Baoli Leather Co., Ltd.

handbags,belt,wallet,talc powder,shoes,sneaker,suitcase,bags,backpack,garment

    China China

Yingkou Warfay Foreign Economics & Trade Co., Ltd.

Yingkou Warfay Foreign Economics & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Yingkou Port (National-level development zone). As the State Council puts forward the policy of reviving the old industrial base of the Northeast, Yingkou Development Zone is an important position in reviving the old industrial base of the northeast Liaoning coastal, and becomes an important support of ...

    China China

Shijiazhuang Kedahua Imp. & Exp. Trade Co., Ltd.

Silver vermiculite,Vermiculite board,Tal powder,Calcium carbonate,Lava,Toumaline,Feldspar powder,Brown bused alumina,Barite powder,Bentonite

    China China

Shanghai Boom International Trading Co., Ltd.

BOOM (HK) LIMITED is a company integrating scientific research, production and import and export trade. Our company focuses on the import and export trade. So far our annual turnover has achieved USD100 million. We already have a sound sales network and service system. We mainly produce and sell titanium dioxide, barium sulfate, phthalocyanine blue, carbon black, ...

    China China

Lingshou County Jiaqi Mineral Processing Factory

colored sand,vermiculite,calcium carbonate,marble /granite monument,maifan stone,tourmaline,asbestos,sepiolite

    China China
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Guangxi Longguang Talc Development Co., Ltd

Guangxi Longguang Talc Development Co., Ltd. , setup in 1990. As a large export-oriented enterprise integrating mining, powder processing, transport and trade, which has the best-quality products and the most advanced milling equipment in the current talc industry of China, we take possession of 2 large talc mine, 5 talc processing plants and 1 motor squadron. We, strong ...

    China China

Shengsing Five-Mines Ent. Co., Ltd.

1. Metal ore: iron ore, copper ore, manganese ore, chromium ore, zinc ore, nickel ore, tin ore, lead ore, titanium ore many kinds of etc. 2. Smelting uses the ore: silicon stone, dolomite, magnesia, fluorspar, refinery calcined petroleum coke, anthracite series product 3. Non-metal ore: livelihood mine, health with the ore, coal, calcium, zeolite, talc ...

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