Sunscope Manufacturing Limited

Company Introduction

Sunscope Manufacturing Limited has been serving our clients since 1943, specializing in large volume orders primarily in China. With our seven regional sourcing and quality control offices located in East China, we make the process simple, easy, cost effective and nightmare free for our clients.

SUNSCOPE established our first Asian office in HK in 1946 and has expanded our presence throughout China through our own offices, joint ventures with numerous factories and our own Chinese manufacturing plant.

Our Chinese sourcing team:

Over 60 years of experience with time tested relationships that have been built on our USD 200 million buying power

Sourcing Department to find any item currently being made in Chinese factories

Compliance Department which oversees factory audits to ensure that factories we use meet responsible quality and social compliance standards

Quality Control Inspectors to keep a careful eye on Quality Control during proofing, production, printing, packaging and shipping

Quality Assurance Specialists who arrange all required tests and assistance with related departments and our own Sunscope compliance requirements/issues

Logistic Team who works directly with shipping lines and airfreight forwarders to obtain the best rate on the shipping schedules we need for shipments around the world

Are you looking to save money on a large volume order?

Whether it's an item in a category shown within this catalog or not

Whether it's a concept item that you want to be produced

Whether you are looking for a great idea

Have you ever thought of a new product but didn't know what to do next?
Have you ever had a product design concept but had no way to bring it to fruition?

We all have great ideas and we all want to be the next great inventor, but 99.8% of the new inventions are never created! Most inventors do not have the resources or network to take an idea or concept to the next level. Contact Sunscope to bring your dream to reality!

Sunscope Concept Design Studio offers a team of experienced product designers, the ability to take your idea from a concept to a sketch, a 3D rendering or a rapid prototype (finished and decorated for presentation), packaging designs and layout, engineering review to ensure that your design can be manufactured and patent review to ensure that your design is unique.

We assist you in patenting your unique concepts. We have the ability to mold, assemble, decorate and pack your designs, and distribute your products worldwide through our logistics team.

Sunscope has set up several inspection offices along the coast of China to cover all of our production facilities. Our trained quality control inspectors control the whole production processes. We control product quality at the following points in production: raw material inspection, in-line random inspection and final inspection. In addition, shipment is then checked by a third party before the goods are shipped.

Sunscope products are manufactured with veracity in accordance with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice Standards, including an 18-step quality system that builds superiority into our products during each phase of their development. These systems assure that all of our products are manufactured in accordance with the stringent guidelines of national requirements.

When you use a Sunscope product, you can be rest assured that you are getting the highest quality product available. ...

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Company Name :Sunscope Manufacturing Limited
Contact Person :Mr. RAJIV JAGTIANI
Address :No. 10 YanShan Road, Ningbo Export Proce
City :Ningbo
Province / State :Zhejiang
Country :China China
Telephone :86-5-7487311124
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