Huzhou Yuhua Stationery Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Huzhou Yuhua Stationery Co., Ltd. is located at Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Our company relies on the convenient transportation between Hangzhou and Shanghai, which is well known for its rich resources and developing economy, and is called a home of silk, rice, fish abundance as well.

After reformed from East Asia Ribbon Company, a state-owned company with many years experience in producing ribbon rolls, Huzhou Yuhua is engaged in ribbon manufacture industry professionally with a long history of technological innovation, quality control and marketing. With smart management skills, highly skilled technicians and working capabilities, we co-operated as a team to live by the motto: "Never to delay and always in constant contact with clients".

In China, our ribbon rolls have shared prominently in the market of consumable industry. They are extremely preferred for its good variety (basically the width is from 4mm to 1,500mm), superior quality, competitive price and exceeding customers' expectations.

Nylon-66, cotton and silk ribbon rolls, un-inked are available from stock based on demands. Inked ribbons with multi-colors, moderate ink content, smooth and elegant appearance caters for various Asian, European, and South American markets. Amongst all the products, our nylon 66 unique popularity makes it the best selling item both in China and abroad.

Concerning quality control, ISO9001:2000 system has promoted our management on silk fabric purchasing, weaving, sizing, inspecting cloth, splitting, inking and storing. The system is an integrated component of dedication to produce quality ribbon rolls to meet all expectations.

In 2006, our un-inked ribbon monthly production volume was up to 35 million meters; while the production capacity was 60 million meters. For inked ribbon, with the advantages of Swiss engineering inking machinery, our monthly production capacity and volume went over 6.5 million ~ 10 million meters respectively, and they have multiplied since the previous years.

Cordially thanks to everyone in the consumable industry all over the world who has traveled with us all along on the path to achievement today and tomorrow, we are willing to meet you and serve you. ...

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