Zhuhai Smartech Printer Consumables Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Company Information

Company Introduction :Zhuhai Smartech Printer Consumables Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. We are a leading manufacturer of printer consumables. We specialize in the production of remanufactured and new compatible inkjet cartridges for a wide range of popular printers, faxes and copiers including HP/Lexmark/Samsung/Lenovo/Dell inkjet cartridges.

Our remanufactured inkjet cartridges are mainly compatible with HP/Lexmark/Samsung/Lenovo/Dell printers with genuine HP print heads. The ink we use is from HP OEM factories or Korea and the USA.

With 12 years' experience in this industry of remanufacturing print cartridges, we have owned complete & feasible quality assurances and training systems. Our products have been ISO9001 and QS9000 certified. More than thirty world famous brand companies are our customers. We have the ability to develop and provide the latest cartridges with complete solutions for you together with OEM service Suppliers.

We supply numerous large remanufactured and new compatible inkjet cartridges with original print heads and OEM inks. Please kindly note brand and item numbers as following:

For HP

CH563EE ,HP301XL BK ,CH564EE , HP 301XL COLOR ,HP 122XL BK ,CH563HE, HP122XL COLOR CH564HE, HP61XL BK ,HP61XL COLOR, HP15 (C6615D) /HP17 (C6625A) /HP20 (C6614A) /HP21 (C9351AN) / HP22 (C9352AN)

HP25 (C51625A) / HP26 (C51626A) / HP27 (C8727AN) / HP28 (C8728AN) / HP29 (C51629A)

HP45 (C51645A) / HP49 (C51649A) / HP56 (C6656AN) / HP57 (C6657AN) / HP78 (C6578D/AN)

HP92 (C9362WN) / HP93 (C9361WN) / HP94 (C8765WN) / HP95 (C8766WN) / HP96 (C8767WN)

HP97 (C9363WN) / HP98 (C9364WN) / HP74 (CB335WN) /HP75 (CB337WN) / HP100 (C9368AN)

HP121 (CC640HE) /HP121XL (CC641HE) /HP122 (CC643HE) /HP122XL (CC644HE)

HP129 (C9364EE) /HP130 (C8767HE) /HP131 (C9362HE)/HP132 (C9362HE) /HP134 (C9363HE)

HP135 (C8766HE) /HP136 (C9361HE) HP140 (CB335HE) / HP140XL (CB336HE)

HP141 (CB337HE) /HP141XL (CB338HE) /HP342 (C9363EE) /HP343 (C8766EE) /HP344 (C9363EE)

HP336 (C9362EE) /HP337 (C9364EE) /HP338 (C9362EE) HP339 (C8767EE) HP350 (CB335EE)

HP350XL (CB336EE) /HP351 (CB337EE) /HP351XL (CB338EE) /HP300 (CC640EE) BK

HP300XL (CC641EE) BK /HP300 (CC643EE) 3C/HP300XL (CC644EE) 3C/HP816 (C8816AN)

HP817 (C8817AN) /HP855 (C8766ZZ) /HP853 (C8767ZZ) HP857 (C9363ZZ) /HP858 (C9369ZZ)

HP99 (C9363WN) /HP860 (CB335ZZ) /HP861 (CB337ZZ) /HP860XL (CB336ZZ)

HP861XL (CB338ZZ) HP901 HP901HP100 (C9368AN) /HP60 (CC640WN) BK

HP60XL (CC641WN) BK/HP60 (CC643WN) 3C/HP60XL (CC644WN) 3C/HP818 (CC640ZZ) BK

HP818XL (CC641ZZ) BK/HP818 (CC643ZZ) 3C/HP818XL (CC644ZZ) 3C

HP 920XL CD975AA HP 564XL CN684WA

HP 564 CB316WA

HP 564XL CB323WA

HP 564XL CB324WA

HP 564XL CB325WA

HP 364XL CN684EE

HP 364 CB316EE

HP 364XL CB323EE

HP 364XL CB324EE

HP 364XL CB325EE




















HP 920XL CD972AA

HP 920XL CD973AA

HP 920XL CD974AA

For Lexmark

10N0016/ 10N0017/ 10N0026/ 10N0027/ 15M0120/ 12A1970/ 17G0050/ 12A1975/ 12A1980

17G0060/ Lexmark 32/ Lexmark 33

For Canon:

BX3/BC-3/BX20/BC20/BC-05/BC-02/PGI-5 BK/CLI-8 BK/CLI-8 C/CLI-8 M/CLI-8 Y PG210/CL211, PG310/CL311/ ,PG510/CL511, PG512/CL513, PG815/CL816, PG30/CL31, PG37/CL38,PG40/CL41, PG50/CL51, PG70/CL71, PG90/CL91, PG830/CL831

For Samsung


For Lenovo

Lenovo 11B/ Lenovo6002C/Lenovo 6001B/Lenovo 13C

For Brother

LC47/LC900/LC950 BK/LC47/LC900/LC950 C/M/Y LC51/LC57/LC960/LC1000
Main Products :new compatible ink cartridge for hp 300XL,CC644EE,for hp ink cartridge factory,CH564EE,for hp 301xl,new compatible for hp920xl chip,new compatible 122xl,remanufactured for hp 300xl,for HP ink cartridge,for Lemark ink cartridge
Business Nature :Manufacturer, Trading Company

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Company Name :Zhuhai Smartech Printer Consumables Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. zhifeng li
Address :5/F Metallurgy Industrial Building Jingy
City :zhuhai
Province / State :Guangdong
Country :China China
Telephone :86-7-562326900
Fax :86-7-562533550